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Shoni aka Matteo...
shoniGrown up with bread and Resident Evil, he developed a special passion for Horror related videogames, movies and novels (and foreign languages) since he was a kid. He had always been pretty loner and would be considered a "Computer Whiz" in the Sims 3. Disciple of the Silent Hill cult and adorer of St.Alessa (and her good side), yet doesn't refuse the fine art of blowing up Covenant heads in Halo 3, the massive zombie slaughter made in Capcom, the licence races in Gran Turismo, the dark charm of Dragon Age, the supernatural side of F.E.A.R. and the touching stories of Final Fantasy. He doesn't like watching TV pretty much, he only sees few series like Buffy and Smallville. What else to say...he just loves pizza, a good Radler, the music of the King, his most precious Alienware, the HQ of a Blu-Ray, long coats, sharp teeth, his little sister and his girlfriend, PaxtonsBride. He's a bit stubborn and not so outgoing to the strangers, he's a former Judoka who cannot bear the fact he hasn't internet at home. During his spare time (next to non-existant, mainly thanks to his primary job and his girlfriend) he also likes to graphic and to 3D-model.

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paint Custom Content Creator Contactsentmail
mods Mods Creator

Miei tratti
Miei mood
trait_loner Loner trait_exitable Exitable moodlet_professionalPreparation

Professional equipment (for the Alienware M17x)

magodelpc Computer whiz
trait_Disciplined Disciplined

Pristine Picture (for playing The Sims 3 with 1920x1200 resolution!)

trait_hopelessromantic Hopeless romantic


Static signal (I haven't Internet connection at my home!)