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The Sims 3 console - presented by Sam Player - My Studio PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Sunday, 12 September 2010 13:55
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The Sims 3 console - presented by Sam Player
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My Studio

Although it's not possible to download custom content from fansites and install them in the game, if you have a Xbox360 or a Playstation3, you can share online – in an Exchange-like feature – the items you customize.

Every time you edit the texture or the color of an object, a copy of this item is sent to the My Studio folder, and you can use it also to clone items previous creations or share the with other players. This feature is NOT available on Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii

The customization tools are the same of the PC/Mac versions and include: the Create a Style (with pattern subcategories) and the Clone, Edit terrain and Hand tools. 

Other facts

Unfortunately, we had quite a little time for the console version, as producers had to leave and still had to attend the presentation of Late Night, so we couldn't ask many questions about the Wii version, that seems to be the most particular one. We do know, however, that there will be two new careers, in the Tourism and Extreme Sports fields.

Also, being a crowd of PC players, when Sam Player asked if anyone wanted to try the console version, many of us declined as we couldn't actually play the Xbox! Then, when Melanie Lam asked if we wanted to try the EP on her computer, a lot of us proposed, so he said “What? You want to play now?!” :D

We'd like to thank again Sam Player for making himself available to every question and for being so friendly! (these and many other pictures are available in our  image gallery)


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