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The Sims Medieval Mods (hack) PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 26 March 2011 17:40
The Sims Medieval  has been released since few days and we have already some mods. So we start this page and we will update it with all mods/hack news. Here you can find links to no-intro, no-censor, debug enabler and more...

How to install mods in The Sims Medieval

You need to:
  1. Download the Resource.cfg file for The Sims Medieval. You can fine it rarHERE
  2. Extract the Resource.cfg from the RAR archive.
  3. Put the Resource.cfg in:
    Programs Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval
    this mean where you have installed your game. We repeat, where you've INSTALLED the game.
  4. Create here a new folder and rename it into Mods. Open it and create here another one, called Packages
  5. Insert now in your Packages folder the mods you've downloaded.

Warning!!! The Sims 3 mods and custom contents are not compatibile with The Sims Medieval, you can't use them. Only some patterns are compatibile and you can use them. We talk about Sims3 patterns in The Sims Medieval in this page >>.

If you prefer a dummy method and you won't follow previous steps, you can download this file  rarThe Sims Medieval Resource.cfg + Folder structure
After download just extract the file into Programs Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval (same folder where you have installed the game). Now you just need to follow the step nr. 5 of the above instructions.

Available Mods List

No-Censor The Sims Medieval
It remove the censor grid in the game
Creator: Ridoo

Download: on MTS, HERE.

No Intro
This mod auto skip the intro video.
Creator: Rick

Download: on MTS, HERE.

Debug Enabler
It enable the debug mode. We discussed this mod in this article -page 3 >>. You need to update this mod after install the patch 1.2.
Creator: Rick

Download: on MTS, HERE.

Pregnant Walk Removed 1.1.10
It replace the pregnant sim walking style with the default one.
Creator: Shimrod

Download: on Gnauty Li'l Gnomes, HERE.

No Pregnancy
It edit to 0% the probability to get pregnant after whoo whoo (standard 50%)
Creator: Shimrod

Download: on Gnauty Li'l Gnomes, HERE.

Ambitions unlocked
This mod unlocks all ambitions
Creator: Shimrod - frigis

Download: on Gnauty Li'l Gnomes, HERE or in alternative Frigis, available on MTS, HERE


--- You can find a list with some other mods here --> ( -no more updated)
--- All Shimrod mods for The Sims Medieval -->
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