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The Witch is back in The Sims Medieval - The Witch is back - part two PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 17 February 2011 12:19
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The Witch is back in The Sims Medieval
The Witch is back - part two
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The Witch asked me to throw her ex out of town, but when I tried, he hexed Hal and I had to go back to the Witch to get the curse lifted. Then I Hunted Boar, sent somebody to the pit beast and decided to Woo-Hoo with the Witch as a reward for Hal putting up with all this drama. Guess the Witch enjoyed herself -- she got up and spent an hour casting spells next to Hal's bed while he slept.

The next morning, the quest prompted me to talk to the Witch about her ex. The modern girl in me balked -- that kind of talk is a huge no-no in relationships of the 21st century. But things were different back then I suppose, because the Witch was so happy with Hal asking about her ex, she presented him with a magic curse-warding ring and a plea to fight her ex.

No problem -- the jackass was still down at Town Square casting lighting next to the well (smart). I threw down with him in the Dueling mini-game where the Sim whose health runs out first loses, but instead of letting Hal end him right there and then, the game asked if I wanted the Warlock exiled or sent to the pit beast. I choose pit beast and my Witch immediately started Serenading me, so I suppose it was the right choice.

I thought the quest was over, but the game said I had to Marry the Witch to close the deal. No problem, I thought -- the game already let me sleep with her. But, nope, never got the Marriage prompt. I Extolled Virtues, Professed Undying Devotion, event Complimented Her Ankles a few times (which she hated just as much as when she and Hal weren't sleeping together). I was just about to give up on the quest as glitched when I remembered the serving wench -- the one I had to Court to get into bed with me.

Sure enough, as soon as I called her over and Broke Up with her, the marriage prompt popped up in the Witch's social interaction tree. I was completely floored -- the game let me sleep with as many different people as I wanted, but I could only Court one person at a time? I guess things really were different in the Middle Ages.

As a final gesture of affection to my beloved Witch, I sent the serving wench to the pit beast. Then selected the Marry Here option from the relationship menu, as Hal is a godless heathen who therefore can't get hitched in either of his Kingdom's two churches. Despite this spiritual handicap, a Jesus-like figure called the "Officiator" descended from a column of light to perform the ceremony and Hal got his Witch while I got the quest points to spend on better Security for the Kingdom. The end. At least until I re-roll with a male Monarch who dreams of a Warlock instead of a Witch.

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