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News from Creator's Camp and a new post on blog! - Interactions, CAS, Build and Buy Mode, the Exchange PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Saturday, 31 January 2009 16:46
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News from Creator's Camp and a new post on blog!
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New interactions
A huge number of new interactions is featured in The Sims 3, such as the Party planner that allows us to decide the hour the party takes place, the clothing and the attendants. You can even throw a funeral party.
Fans of Sims 1 and Sims 2 will love the fact that Sunset Valley is some kind of prologue of Pleasant View, and we can find there many famous characters as children: little Bella and Mortimer Goth and also Kaylynn Langerak, the housemaid of The Sims 2. Edenstyle also refers that in the graveyard there is the tombstone of the Tragic Clown, an NPC from The Sims 1.

Weddings can be public or private, and there will be no wedding arch; as for pregnancy, moms can give birth at the hospital (but we won't be able to follow them) and have physical examinations. There will be holidays for both the parents when a new child is born, and this will happen also when the baby is adopted (and finally babysitters will be teenagers!).

About children, here's what Edenstyle reports:

"-I discovered few things about babies...
*Furniture: highchair, potty, xylophone, crib (like the one we had in The Sims 2), canopy crib, 3 toy boxes (they can also play inside them), Toy oven, Building blocks table and few other things. The changing table is no more there. You have to click on the toddler to change diaper or clothes.If you have the highchair, you can feed toddlers with the same food you prepare for the other family members, but you have to use the food processor before.
*If you click on a toddler, you have those interactions: change diaper, change outfit, feed on floor, pick up, snuggle, teach to talk, potty train, tickle, teach to walk, toss in air. Some traits give you more interactions. For example, evil sims can scare babies."

Create A Style
The big deal for customizing the game is the new Create A Style tool, that allows us to modify and customize clothing, furniture, walls and floors. Just pick your favourite pattern and drag it on the item and you're done. It is an exciting news for all the beginners that probably have never been able to customize the game before. On the other hand, however, higher level creators will have to be content with default textures (or at least for now): it's not possible to import patterns and items in the game. This is a big disappointment for all the fans who love downloading custom contents, and also for those who don't like the Maxis style.
Plus, there will be no HomeCrafter and BodyShop, nor EA will support creators in the meshing process..hard times, we guess, for those who are used to download beautiful contents from fansites. Certainly, hackers and modders will try to understand how to create and import new meshes, but these are certainly harder to create, since they have to support all the customizations options. We'll see in the future.

News come also from the Create A Sim screen: there are four skin and eye colors (blue, green, brown and red), each available in any single shade. We'll be able to choose shoes for every age, slippers and naked foot included. With only one click we can even spawn a clone of our Sim, to make similar siblings or twins.

A bad news, according to Parsimonious, is for the makeup, which is described to be flashy and "hag-styled", expecially eyeshadows and eyeliner. Lipsticks come in three degrees of glossiness, and it is possibile to put on freckles (although we can't change their color), wrinkles and beauty marks. Highly customizable is also the hair, since we can choose the shade of roots, tips, base and highlights.

Clothes are another big disappointment, since they will be customizable in colors and patterns but we can't edit their shapes or add details: no more alphas to edit or transparencies to define. Once again, we have to wait and see what the modders will be able to do.
As for the amount of clothing available for each Sim, we're reporting what Edenstyle wrote:

"I would like to explain you better the fact that Sims can have up to 3 clothes per category. You can create and save all the clothes you want in game, but when you play with Sims, you can plan for each of them up to 3 clothes per category. So, when you click on a closet and choose "plan outfit" option, you will be able to see/create up to 3 formal outfits, 3 swimwears and so on for that single Sim... Of course, you can delete one of the 3 at any time and replace it with something new. To change clothes, you should click on the closet or on your Sim and then choose "Change Clothes". Then, a window shows up and you can choose the clothes you would like your Sim to wear. You can also choose to wear your job uniform."

Buy and Build Modes

There are news even in the B/B areas: first of all the autoroofing, that is the abilty of the roof to change automatically everytime we modify the house structure; walls can be moved without having to take them off and rebuild: just drag them where you want them to be and you're done. Plants are beautifully done and look very realistic. Bad thing: terrains can't be modified and there is no contrainfloorelevation cheat.

The mailbox has some surprises, since it isn't stuck on the street side but it can be moved anywhere we want to. In particular, the nearest door will be automatically recognized as the front door and in that angle will be shoot the thumbnail of the house in the game. Objects can be placed freely and turned 360┬░.
Houses can have a maximum amount of 5 stories and 8 Sims.

Sharing files online and on the Exchange
All the bonds we've been discussing about a few lines ago are surely worrying for a game that has built its success on the extreme customization of the gameplay. However, on the Exchange and fansites we'll still be able to share our creations, but they will just feature Sims and wall/floor sets, made with default contents.
This situation has unleashed the anger of many people, even after a declaration made by the team "The community is so clever and innovative, you guys will figure it out!".
Ben Bell, however, has promised the releasing of several tools for customization that will be launched in the future; the first of them should regard a new neighborhood. We hope these promises will be kept and things won't go as in the past, when many tools have been announced and never realized.

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