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Written by Paperpin Wednesday, 16 July 2008 12:16
Welcome back on! No, we’re not disappeared and we’ve not been kidnapped by aliens, but as you have probably noticed, the information on the third episode of our favorite game have been in short supply for four months… we really didn’t want to give you old and stinky rumors. Thus, here we are today, with a bunch of really interesting news!

A couple of days ago, on appeared a new amazing screenshots and… the very first trailer of the game!! We are totally speechless, and we’re sure you’ll be very surprised by this movie. Finally, we can see how our Sims will act and be and discover some clues about the features of the new game, as for example, Sims will be able again to wash their teeth! But there are also many other clues about the new open ‘hood so… Enjoy the show!


If you want to focus on a specific frame instead, here it is a roundup of official screenshot, where actually we can see many interesting particulars.

NB: the followings are only personal opinions, there is nothing official and precise about them since we don’t know how and how much of what we see in the pics will be released in the game, or at least in the base version.

The Maxis style seems to be the usual and peculiar one about genetics, even if me must admit that the hair look very realistic and a little bit less “out of fashion”..

As for the neighborhood, instead, there seem to be many great news: first of all cars, that should be available for our Sims immediately, or even the possibility to paint and draw landscapes and scenes with great ability or also the fishing, for which maybe we won’t have to wait a Seasons act II. The same thing can be said for the sea, that should be available (and amazing) without EPs! About the furnishing, instead, there’s something different to say: if you feel like a living part of your home well, you actually can really do..take a look at the two guys with the camouflage…maybe too much camouflage…

The CAS:

The Neighborhood:

But that’s not all folks! The usually very well-informed has revealed that on Friday July 18th there will be a fan event dedicated to The Sims 3 and opened to a few selected websites; we’re not among them unluckily, but we’re sure there will be a lot of news and rumors! Stay tuned on, the countdown has already started!

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