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Written by Paperpin Sunday, 01 November 2009 17:58
No, don't worry, we didn't forget about World Adventures and the fan event in Redwood Shores! We have collected tons of information about events all over the world, indeed! We are currently working in order to organize and translate the information for the Italian audience, so the English version of each article may not be published at the same moment.

However, in our gallery are now available several new pictures of World Adventures and two Halloween screenshots. Also, we would like to spread a news published on SimPrograms about an expansion/bonus pack announced on the official UK forum: should you run into something about a game called The Sims 3 Wild Landscape, remember it is all fake and there aren't Sims-related projects with this name. Do not believe this crap as it's all fake fake fake fake!! There won't be a "simmish" Australia, Africa or South America, it's all fake!
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