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Virus alert: "The Sims 3 demo"! PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Monday, 30 March 2009 22:36
The Sims 3 fever is spreading exponentially, and while forums and websites swarm about news, comments and articles, someone played on this very overheated atmosphere and caused some troubles. On the web, in fact, it's now available a suspicious file name "The Sims 3 demo": although it may look appealing, do not download this file, because it is a virus!!


The news has been given on the official EA BBS, and we hope it can spread as much as possible. In particular, several links to this file have been found on the official Sims 3 account on Facebook, thus, be twice careful if you are users of this network. If there is a demo of the game, it will surely be available on the official website, and for this reason we point out that every file or news (such as press releases, demos, gadgets of any kind and other stuff) can be considered as trustworthy only if comes from EA Games.