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Proper Careers Version:4.0


NOTE: It is NECESSARY to have both Ambitions and Late Night installed in order for this Mod to work]

This Mod edits both the Science and the Symphonic-Music Career making them more realistic: although it’s fairly true that you will need some Handiness skill in the Science career, it’s absolutely ridiculous that you have to study Fishing just because a career level is entitled “Aquatic Ecosystem Tweaker” (the fact that a scientist studies fish DOES NOT actually turn him into an angler!). Besides, it is also stupid that the Science Lab offers logic and inventing lessons, while the scientist that actually work there aren’t really asked to be skilled in those skills (I wonder who might be the instructor). Moreover, the skill requirement for advancing in the Symphonic-Music career has been tweaked to Piano (from Guitar).

This Mods changes the follow:

- Science Career primary skill is now Logic (asked from level 3 till 10)

- Handiness skill is now asked in the first 3 levels only (think of it as a basis).

- Gardening skill is now asked from level 4 (when you reach the “Fertilizer Analyst” level. What’s the use of studying gardening if you’re just a lab technician, or worse, a guinea pig??)

- Inventing skill is asked from level 6 (level 9 is entitled “Cyborg Creator”, aka SimBots. In order to build a SimBot you will need inventing skill).

- The only change in the Symphonic-Music career is the skill requirement for advancing, changed to Piano from Guitar

Note that the base pay for the career has NOT been altered. Everything else remains the same; it surely is (in my opinion) a much better career than Maxis offered us.

[NOTE: It is NECESSARY to have both Ambitions and Late Night installed in order for this Mod to work]

Tested with The Sims 3 (1.26) + World Adventures + Loft Stuff + Ambitions + Fast Lane Stuff + Late Night + Outdoor Living + Generations + Town Life + Pets

Incompatible with Awesome mod and other mods which replace default career settings.


Size: 18.79 KB
Richiede: TS3 + Ambitions + Late Night
Downloads: 6263
Author: sHoNi
Created: 2010-11-08 13:51:49
Changed at: 2011-10-22 16:41:06


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