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Vampire Overhaul Version:2.3


[NOTE: It is NECESSARY to have The Sims 3 Late Night installedts3_ep3_icon_32]

This is an Overhaul of the Vampires in TS3. It contains several features edited by sHoNi, all merged to a single file. We suggest you to use this mod alone and avoid the use of other mods related to Vampires together with this one. There are other vampires mods that edit just a single thing on the web, so if you just want those single edits do not use this mod (unless you're 100% sure that there are no conflicts at all). If you prefer our core mod for vampires, remove all vampire's mods you are using before install this file.

Here's what this mod changes/edits:

No neck tattoo/bite sign EVER.

No "V" when a Vampire sleeps on a regular bed.

During Bar Brawls, Vampires are much more advantaged than other Sims.

Vampires can bite everyone whose LTR is >=0 (you cannot bite enemies and such) WITHOUT asking.

Vampire bite animation is now slightly different than default:
- always at wrist of non-lovers but same gender Sims
- always neck bite for different gender sims
- always neck bite if the victim is potentially attracted by the vampire (you will notice this if you perform ANY flirt interaction on the victim and the interaction gets accepted -- it is more likely to happen if the victim is single, has a good mood or has traits like "Flirty", "Hopeless Romantic", "Crazy", "Party Animal", "Charismatic" etc. it can happen even if LTR is 0 -- be careful not to have got some aspiration rewards like "Seduction Master" or such, because the neck bite is a romantic interaction, and if you DO got this AR, any victim will accept your neck bite): it bothers me that I seduce my victim and then I bite on the wrist just because I didn't confess my love first/haven't kissed the victim before.

Every NPC Vampire has now only 2 Plasma Fruits in his/her inventory: that encourages biting other Sims rather than eating just fruits.

"Make Sim think of Me" power now grants 20 LTR bonus rather than 10.

Thirst decay is MUCH slower now. It requires 2-3 days to become empty. If you also buy the "Hardly Hungry" aspiration reward, your vampire will only need to feed once a week.

More than that, if your Vampire's thirst bar is at least by 2/3 full, he/she will be ableto walk under the sunlight without negative moodlets/being harmed. Thirsty vampires are weakened and suffer when under the sun.

NPC Vampires (and your own vampires too if free will is activated) can now use their powers (read mind and make sim think of me) at their will. They will especially use them whenever their fun or social need is low. They can also hunt.

Victims cannot offer their plasma again within 2 days rather than 1.

Plasma Juice fulfills now much less the thirst motive (it's a snack after all and FREE!) so hunting (or planting) is encouraged.

Vampires are now IMMORTAL as for their age (it says 0). As soon as they reach the young adult stage they won't age any further. Make them age them with a birthday cake if you must.

After 10 seconds under the sun they will receive the "Heating up" moodlet that'll last for 90 Sim-Minutes (seconds).

The "Too much Sun" negative moodlet now lasts only one day but provides a -100 mood value and a quicker thirst decay for that day.

The "Sanguine Snack" moodlet is now enhanced and blocks the thirst bar for 36 hours.

Vampire Altar now replenishes Vampires Energy bar slightly slower but, in return, it totally blocks all other motives (except from Thirst) I do not like other motives being raised by just sleeping so I just blocked them, Ć  la Nightlife Coffins.

Instructions to use this mod:
As written above, remove all other vampires' mods before install and use this one.
Delete cache files, or some parts of this mod couldn't work well. This mod is not compatible with with mods related to moodlets, needs or socialization tuning (if you don't know the meaning of this affermation, probably you don't have any of these incompatible mods).
If you have problems, questions, bugs, etc. related to this mod report us on this thread on our forum (registration required) or on Shoni guestbook (registration not required).

Tested with: TS3 (1.26) + World Adventures + Ambitions + Late NIght + Outdoor Living + Generations + Town Life Stuff + Pets

Conflicts: this mod is not compatible with other vampire related mods. In add this is not compatible with mods related to moodlets, needs or socialization tuning (if you don't know the meaning of this affermation, probably you don't have any of these incompatible mods)
Check for updates on future patches/EPs

The Sims 3 Late Nightts3_ep3_icon_32 is required.

fixed issue with the Fun motive bar, please redownload


Size: 129.41 KB
Richiede: TS3 + Late Night
Downloads: 8873
Author: sHoNi
Created: 2010-11-26 13:51:49
Changed at: 2011-10-23 17:44:54


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