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Time Travel Changes Version:3.0


[NOTE: It is NECESSARY to have both Ambitions and World Adventures installed in order for this Mod to work]

This Mod changes the (side) effects of a Time Travel journey with the proper machine. Now time-traveling can be much more worthwhile than before, but also much more dangerous (if not deadly, sometimes). With this Mod, every time your Sim comes back from a time travel, he’ll have an extra moodlet (besides “Time Traveled”) which can be very positive or very negative.

Here are some of the many moodlets added:

-“First Kiss” (imagine to come back to the past and experience your first kiss again, or to go in the future if you haven’t experienced yet)
-“Blessing of the Sphinx” (unique moodlet unavailable if you don’t have the Mummy’s Curse)
-"Slept like a King/Queen”
-“Snake Kiss” or “Snake Bite”
-“Wondrous View” (the secret moodlet that we would have gained for visiting the Eiffel Tower in Champs Les Simps)
-“Mourning” (imagine to assist someone’s close death in the past or future)
-“Very Hungry” (imagine to have been to the desert or similar)

Other rare moodlets, but still possible to happen, are “On Fire!” (yep, you might come back from your time travel ON FIRE!) and “Curse of the Mummy” (well, tis not so uncommon if you travel back to the Ancient Egypt, no? Be sure to visit the good’ol Sphinx or to smooch your favourite king cobra, otherwise be ready to be doomed).

Also increased the base chance (up to 70%) to come back from the travel with some special book or special outfit (from the past or from the future) and also changed the maximum amount of Simoleans you can gain from a time travel. You might even lose some money if you’re unlucky (yep, there were thieves in the past as well, and so they will do in the future).

Tested with The Sims 3 + World Adventures + Loft Stuff + Ambitions + Fast Lane Stuff + Late Night + Outdoor Living + Generations

Check at every game update for new versions

Require World Adventures and Ambitions to work


Size: 10.37 KB
Richiede: TS3 + World Adventures + Ambitions
Downloads: 5856
Author: sHoNi
Created: 2010-09-11 00:42:36
Changed at: 2011-10-22 16:42:45


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