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Written by CriCri & Paperpin Friday, 16 September 2011 15:00
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Pets are the big deal of this EP and basically everything introduced is for and about them. And it totally worths it. In particular, horses look amazing and are really really well-done. They look very realistic.
Cats and dogs are cute too, but maybe we're a bit used to them (they somehow resemble the pets of The Sims 2) and we find their eyes a bit too cartoonish, maybe for the huge pupil. Also the fur looks a bit too fake. Nonetheless, there are so many customization options and breeds that you can really make the pet of your dream. Really, we can't even begin to explain how rich is the Create a Pet in Advanced mode.

But before that, let's explain the basics.
ts3 ep5_preview_adozionetelefonoThere are many ways you can adopt a pet, it just depends on the animal you want. As for cats and dogs, you cannot buy them. Yep, they're not on sale, nobody trades in pets in The Sims! What you can do, instead, is adopting a stray pet by creating a relationship with the animal and gaining its trust. It's a bit tougher than the other ways but it gives much more satisfaction!
You can still adopt a pet through your phone or computer, or you can simply go to the Map view and check if one of your neighbors has kitties or puppies to give. There's a new orange tag that shows in which lot you can find pets for adoption. Graham told us that you can also receive phone calls from people who have animals up for adoption and we guess there will be something similar on the newspaper as well.
As for horses, you can adopt a wild horse (in the same way of cats and dogs) or you can buy one at the Equestrian Center. Yes, you can purchase and sell a horse (making quite a lot of money). The more your horse is trained and has good traits, the more money you'll get from selling it. Also, if your horse has foals, they can have their genetics and skills passed down, so you can get your "horse farm" with great animals to sell.

Anyway, no matter what kind of pet you buy, there's a limit to the number of animals and Sims you can have in your household. The overall number of members per family has been increased from 8 to 10, with a maximum amount of 8 Sims or 6 pets. This means that as long as you stick with that limit, you can create a household with 8 Sims and 2 pets, 4 Sims and 6 pets, and so on.

Create a Pet

Last but not least, you can create a new pet in the Create a Sim! In the main view, the button to launch the Create a Sim (there is no Create a Pet officially, it's just a "players way" to call the screen where you can create an animal) now shows also a little dog, and when you enter the CAS you can choose which animal to create. Remember you can only make adult or elder pets there, no kitties or puppies or foals.
ts3 ep5_preview_interfacciaCAS

NOTE: If you make a new family with one or more pets, the difficulty level will be increased as well as the funds of the household.

And here's the great part. In the CAP (let's call it this way for the sake of clarity!) you can customize your pet in every detail, from the nose to the tail, from the ears to the different eye colors (and you can choose the color of the inner part, the outer part and so on. It's richer than the Create a Sim). The main tab allows you to choose a name and a surname for your animal, gender and age. There's a name generator which gives amusing combinations, we had a great time creating random names! And this works for Sims too!
Then you can choose the breed and the body shape from the pre-made options, traits and voice. The breeds we've seen aren't the final ones, but still there were 50+ of them for cats only! As for the body areas, there are tons of sliders from the head to the ears, from the paws to the tail.

ts3 ep5_preview_cap-avanzato
Anyway, if you find this all is not enough (and we grant it's already a lot), you can enter the Advanced Mode (see pic above) and customize whatever you want. Literally.
The advanced options reminded us of the Create a Pattern tool, as there are layers, stickers and several sliders to choose from. For example, you can edit the mane of your pet as you prefer, say if you want to put a black spot on your cat's tail, you can choose the tail area, select the spot and drag 'n drop it on the part of the tail you prefer. It's really great, you can also choose the color, opacity and so on. We were really impressed.
There are also several mane styles, like stripes, dots, skeletons...! Here's a quick overview of the different styles we saw, but it can really take hours to create the pet of your dream. It's amazing!

And now the other big news of the game, pet traits! There are 30 of them, and some are exclusive of a pet type. Each pet can have up to 3 traits, but they can also lose some. Here below the full list!
Adventurous Pets are very curious and love to explore.

Aggressive pets aren't inherently mean, they usually just have a bad attitude when interacting with other pets. A bad attitude that usually leads to fights that is...

Agile horses are nimble, strong, and love to jump. They make awesome Show Jumping competitors but get bored if they don't stay active.

 Brave horses have an extra helping of courage to help them deal with the chaos of sprinklers, fireworks, burglar alarms, and other terror-inducing everyday objects.

Clueless pets tend to forget what they're doing and are easily distracted. They don't learn skills and traits too quickly, but they do get along well with Absent-Minded Sims.

Whether destroying furniture or digging holes in the yard Destructive Pets are sure to cause chaos wherever they are!

 Fast horses are the speed demons of the animal kingdom. They love to gallop and have a natural talent for racing, but they need plenty of exercise to stay satisfied.

Gli animali amichevoli non solo vanno più d'accordo con gli altri animali, ma di solito hanno una relazione migliore con i loro Sim.

Genius pets are always thinking on their paws (or hooves). They learn skills and new traits quickly and get along well with other Genius pets and Sims.

Hates jumping:
Some horses prefer to keep their hooves on the ground. When a horse hates jumping, it will refuse to jump more often and do worse at Show Jumping and Cross-Country competitions. It may even take its anger out on your shiny new jump training obstacles!

Hydrophobic dogs have a natural aversion for anything that relates to water. When in the water, they are definitely not happy.

 Pets with the Hunter trait are excellent at stalking and catching prey.

 Hyper pets are super active and never like staying in one place. They are able to build energy much more quickly and have a slower energy decay.

Independent pets not only prefer to be on their own, but have more fun when playing on their own rather than in big groups or other social situations.

Lazy pets just love to lie down or stay in one place as they get tired easily.

Likes swimming:
Contrary to popular belief, not all breeds of dogs like to swim. However, when given this trait, dogs just can't get enough satisfaction from taking a dip!

 A dog is a Sim's best friend" is a saying that certainly holds true! Loyal dogs love spending time and interacting with their Sims, and even seem to learn skills faster than other dogs.

Neat Pets are naturally clean and love to be bathed.

 Nervous horses see danger everywhere and can be startled by the most insignificant things. They tend to get along well with Neurotic Sims, who have the same problem.

 Noisy Pets are very vocal and provide a special accompaniment when Sims are playing instruments.

Non Destructive:
 Non-Destructive Pets are very gentle, and never destroy furniture or dig holes in the yard.

 Obedient horses are more willing to do what a Sim wants than other horses. They'll usually go along with a Sim's wishes, even if they don't know that Sim very well.

Ornery horses are stubborn and don't deal well with Sims. They don't like to be approached by Sims they don't know - or even Sims they do know, for that matter.

Piggy Pets are voracious eaters who donít mind munching garbage or drinking from the toilet.

Playful Pets always want to have fun and have a happy-go-lucky attitude.

Proud pets think they're better than others and make their own image a top priority; they can't stand having low hygiene.

Quiet Pets do not make much noise.

Pets with the Shy trait prefer and are the happiest when around their Sim. Being around other pets and Sims make them a bit nervous.

Skittish Pets have a nervous disposition and are easily startled.

Untrained horses aren't accustomed to having saddles and Sims on their backs. They need to spend some time saddled and being ridden by a trusted Sim to accept any rider.

Pets also have lifetime rewards but NOT aspirations.
  • Never Nauseous: Pets become immune from getting nauseous and vomiting.
  • Vomit Machine: Here's a great way to get your owner's attention. Gain the ability to vomit at will.
  • Best Behavior: Save your furniture! Save your house! This reward will make it so your pet will never scratch or bite furniture, roll in puddles, or get into the trash and kitty litter. Of course unless you really want them to.
  • Steel Bladder for Pets: Never again worry about those fretful accidents. Pets with Steel Bladders lose the urge to pee.
  • Fertility Treatment for Pets: Puppies and kittens galore! This guarantees large litters for your pet.
  • Beloved Animal: Your pet gains more social fulfillment from interacting with humans.
  • Alpha Pet: Your pet is gifted with heightened senses when searching for prey or collectibles. Results from hunting are greatly improve
  • Attitude Adjustment: Have you ever wondered how your favorite pet would be if they were loud instead of quiet, or neat instead of piggy? Go ahead and choose new traits for your pet.
  • Pet Hygienator: Landgraab Industries' latest solution in high technology pet hygiene. Use it to keep your dogs and cats squeaky clean and free from fleas.
  • Super Smart Pet: Your pet becomes super smart and can learn skills much faster while making praising and scolding much more effective
  • Bottomless Pet Bowl: Give your pet a pet bowl that provides high quality sustenance and never needs refilling
  • Self Cleaning Box Stall: Every pet deserves a clean place to live. Give your horse a box stall that never needs to be cleaned.
  • Clone Voucher for Pets: The Pet that purchases this reward gets a Clone Voucher. Redeem it at the Science Facility to have a young clone of your Pet join your household! You cannot purchase this reward if your household is full.
  • Young Again potion for Pets: This potion will magically turn back the time on your pet's life. Here's to starting over!
You can also set your pet's free will and life span (thanks to SwwTSR and

ts3 ep5_lifespan

About free will you can turn free will on/off for pets and choose another option for sims. For example, on for pets and off for Sims.

You can edit your pet's appearance anytime, by clicking on the proper option in your pet's menu. You cannot change traits or body shape, but you can refresh their styles and colors.
Last but not least, pets can die of old age only. They will have tombstones and you can see their ghosts at night. Let's take a closer look at each kind of animal!

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