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Preview of The Sims 3 Pets - Our impressions - The Sims 3 Pets for PC/Mac PDF Print
Written by CriCri & Paperpin Friday, 16 September 2011 15:00
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The Sims 3 Pets for PC/Mac

2011.09.09 ts3pets_milan_20Right after the brief demo of The Sims 3 Pets Console, producer Graham Nardone introduced us to the quiet and lovely venues of Appaloosa Plains. The game started with a pre-made households (but we don't know if it will be available in the final game as well) which was made up of three Sims (two adults and a little girl) and four pets: a cat, a dog, a horse and a unicorn!

The wife was trying to ride her horse, but she wasn't really experienced in riding so she jumped on the animal backwards! That was really fun to see!
ts3 ep5_preview_pannellosimMeanwhile, her husband was at the dog park with their cute Scooby Doo dog (we REALLY mean Scooby Doo, same breed, same look) and their girl was in the cat jungle with Garfield (her red-striped cat) and her green bird. Last but not least, their unicorn was wandering around on the hills.

This demo quickly introduced us to some of the new features, like the Collections, the interactions between Sims and pets, some of the new skills and stuff. Then, we were allowed to play the game ourselves, while producers were available to answers any eventual question.

Appaloosa Plains

As you will see from the many screenshots we took, the town looks very peaceful and quiet. It has this country-western feeling that fits perfectly with horses, we wished we had more time to see all the households and explore every corner of the neighborhood! Graham Nardone told us that all the venues and rabbitholes were given a new look for this town, and in fact some of them look really good (the hospital for example is very nice).
The community lots and public places of Appaloosa Plains are pretty mainly grouped together, meaning that in one lot you can find more than a rabbithole. Here's a list of some of the new arrangement of the town.
  • Science facility + Hospital
  • Supermarket + Bistrot
  • Business and Journalism headquarters + Restaurant
  • SPA + Library
  • City Hall + Police station + Military base
Also, even the professions' headquarters have been renovated and of course will be included in Appaloosa Plains if you have Ambitions installed. Obviously, you can also place these renewed lots and venues in your old neighborhoods to give them a new look.

The Sims 3 Pets brings in four new pets-related community places: the dog park, the cat jungle, the Equestrian Center and the training field.
The dog park is a very little lot, with grass, flowers and a cute bone-shaped pool, where dogs can jump in and swim. Graham tried to show us the "big dog splash", that is, when the animal jumps in the pool, splashes a lot of water around that can soak a Sim. We had a goodts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_11 dog, so no water ;)
The cat jungle, instead, is a big place with bushes, trees and many cat objects (cat condos and other feline-related stuff). These lots are not a prerogative of each animal type, meaning that dogs can go to the cat jungle and vice-versa. They would just find getting along with each other a bit harder than usual, but they'll be fine.

As for the Equestrian Center, it is a rabbithole and your Sims can go there to enter a competition, buy a horse or "offer" it as a stallion! The training field, instead, is a playable place where you can train with your horse, if you don't have enough room to place obstacles at home.
You can get an idea of what the neighborhood looks like by giving a look at our pictures of Appaloosa Plains!

ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_01 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_02 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_03 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_04 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_05 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_06 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_09 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_10 ts3 ep5_preview_Appaloosa_12

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