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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage! - Loading screen and creation of a new game PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 15 March 2011 18:27
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The Sims Medieval Showcase - Full coverage!
Loading screen and creation of a new game
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Loading screen and creation of a new game

When you launch the game, you get the same screen of The Sims 3: on a black background, green plumbobs spin and float around the Sims logo. Right after that, there is a short clip (that you can skip by pressing any key) in your language (in our case Italian) that describes the story of the realm, its population and heroes. We couldn't hear the whole thing properly, because as you can see from your pictures, we only had a pair of headphones! Then, you can start a new game: when you do so, you can follow a tutorial (which is recommended) to be guided step by step into the new world. We chose for the tutorial, as there are several features you're not familiar with – no matter what kind of Sims 3 player you are, there's a lot of new things to learn.


At first, you have to choose a name (we opted for Crilandia) and an ambition for your kingdom, which will influence your story and the way you play your game. However, at the very beginning you can only choose an ambition called “New beginnings” (or something like that. We played the game in Italian so many names are literal translations), which is about populating your kingdom and placing buildings (that is, creating a new game).


There are 12 of them, that can be unlocked by fulfilling each ambition with a good ranking. Some of the available are: “Filled Coffers”, “No quests for the weary”, “Hard Workers”, “Wealthy populace”, “Efficient Expander”. By completing quests and earning Quest Points, you can choose new ambitions. Once you complete an ambition, you can select a new one or choose to keep playing. If you do so, you'll get two options: “New world” and “Free time”.
“New world” allows you to choose a hero of your current ambitions and make it the monarch of your next game. This option is great when you're attached to a specific character.
“Free time” allows you to play with your heroes freely, without quests or responsibilities to follow. It's some kind of “sandbox” play, great if you want to play like The Sims. [Taken from “Lessons in capsule form”]

So, we got face to face with our castle. When you create a kingdom, the first thing you have to do is introduce a monarch (king or queen, it's up to you) by clicking on the green button placed on the castle (see pictures), which allows you to create a new character or choose from the two pre-made Sims available (always a male and a female). In order to save time, we choose a random Sim, a king named Tursio (names are a total blast. We met a lot of characters with odd names, it's really cool).

Your monarch is necessary for the creation of the kingdom, but once you unlock other characters, you can even decide to... get rid of him. When you have enough heroes, your king (or queen) is not essential anymore, if not for some quests.

The Kingdom

At the beginning of the story, your kingdom is made up only of the base buildings:
  • the first part of the castle, with the throne hall and the king's rooms (bathroom, bedroom and a kitchen);
  • the Judgment zone, with the pit and the stocks;
  • the dock;
  • the town square;
  • the graveyard;
  • the forest.
By succeeding in quests and earning KP, you can unlock and place new buildings:
  • Barracks (10 KP)
  • Wizard's Tower (10 KP)
  • Clinic (10 KP)
  • Smithy (10 KP)
  • Market (10 KP)
  • Tavern (10 KP)
  • Jacoban cathedral (10 KP)
  • Peterian monastery (10 KP)
  • Watcher Pavilion (30 KP)
  • Mill (30 KP)
  • Lighthouse (30 KP)
  • Kingball Court (30 KP)
Each 10KP building is the “headquarter” of each hero of the game, and they live and work there. Medieval's buildings are not totally playable: you can see them in section and you cannot rotate the view 360°. You cannot even place them wherever you want – each one has its own spot and you cannot put it anywhere else. Also, you cannot build new lots or edit the existing ones.

In the kingdom there are also several houses, we imagine of the population, but they are merely decorative, Bernstein said. Medieval has rabbitholes too, so you cannot follow your Sims everywhere. We saw the cave near the graveyard and the forest – when you enter those place, your character disappears and you are noticed of what's going on by messages that pop up randomly..

The User Inteface

Medieval's UI is quite similar to The Sims 3's but of course, has many differences (beyond the medieval look).


First, there are only two need bars, for Hunger and Energy – a lot less than The Sims 3 (but Sims can also get dirty and have a bath). The visual controls and the zoom are quite the same, as well as the moodlet, personality, relationship and inventory tabs. The latter all belong to the Live Mode. There are, in fact, two other modes: one for the furnishing and one for the kingdom.
icona_arredaFurnish Mode
This mode is some kind of “sibling” of the Buy/Build Mode of The Sims 3. Here you can find all the objects available to furnish and décor your buildings, from clutter to tables, from cauldrons to fireplaces. Objects can be arranged by function or collection, and you can also see the household's inventory:


And here's how the view by function appears:


In the Collection view, that we didn't portrayed, the available styles are:
  • Noble
  • Elegant
  • Military
  • Magic
  • Artistic
  • Rustic
Also, floors are divided into three sections: the corners, the borders and the center. You can set different patterns for each channel, to create dramatic rooms.
icona_regnoKingdom Mode
In the Kingdom Mode you can check your territory and the political situation. On the upper left, you can find a small window with the name of your monarch, his/her reputation and your kingdom's funds (indicated in Kingdom Points). On bottom right of this window, you can find a tiny arrow – by clicking on it you will open a small menu with indicators of your reign:
  • Wellbeing
  • Security
  • Culture
  • Knowledge
Depending on your kingdom's ambition, you will have to work on some of these aspects more than others. When in this mode, your kingdom's map will appear in sepia and tags for each building will show up. You can see how many lots are placed, which one is missing and, if you have enough KP, you will be able to insert new buildings. Also, existing buildings are marked in purple, vacant buildings you can place are in green and those for which you need more KP are in red.


The Kingdom Mode also allows you to access a few controllers: the Success Book, the Quest Book and the Map of the Territory. The Map of the Territory can also be opened from the king's tools. This is used to check the political situation of your reign and the reign around yours.


icona_seguisimFollow my Sim
By using this feature or right-clicking on your Sims's avatar, you will follow your hero everywhere he/she goes. Just like The Sims 3!
icona_guardianoThe Eye of the Watcher
When you are playing inside a building or in a particular area, this button (or the M key of your keyboard) can take you back to the overall view of the kingdom, so you can see what's going on (by right-clicking anywhere you will be taken immediately there or see the inside of a building).
icona_luoghiLocation button
This button allows you to quickly reach a location, like the town square or the market. When you click it, a list of available places will appear..

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