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Written by Paperpin Tuesday, 22 July 2008 16:10
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Fan event in San Francisco
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As we stated in the last update, on Friday July 18th a fan event about The Sims 3 took place in San Francisco, and many fansites webmasters have been invited there and had the opportunity to discover a first-ever preview of many interesting news about the game.

It wasn’t possible to take pictures of the demo shown, however on the official Brazilian website new CAS images have been released, and you can also find them in our Gallery.

But let’s focus on the most important part: the new information about The Sims 3! We have waited a couple of days for the previously stated websites to publish their reportages, and have summed up everything written and stated, putting together a noticeable amount of news, that probably many of us have been waiting for a long time and that have finally been revealed; it really seems to be a real revolution in the gameplay, the graphic engine and the customization, and we’re really starting to believe that the release of The Sims 3 will be the very event of 2009! But what have we found out?

CAS and Sims

The creation of a Sim seems to be very cool and unique: the customization tool allows you to modify each part of the body in a very detailed way (face, mouth, ears..), and also the build of each Sim can be customized as you prefer, from slim to obese, from well-built to skinny.

The eye and skin tones can be chosen on an RGB palette, so you can opt for any color you like in any nuance, from white to red for the skin and from green to blue (obviously including mid-tones like brown) for the eye. Hair will be available in four shades, with the possibility to customize the color of the roots, tips, base and highlights; moreover, in the CAS we’ll be able to choose jewels, gloves, socks and shoes. In the demos shown there was no height tool, so we still don’t know if it will be featured in the game or not.

Again, each character will have seven stages of life: baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult and elder, but this time the default stage will be the young adult one (from 18 to 30 years old circa), and adults will be middle-aged Sims with some wrinkles.

It will be possible to customize each character’s voice, even if the language spoken will always be Simlish. About personality: as we stated in the past, every Sim will be represented by a certain amount of traits, that will increase in each stage of life: babies will have 2 traits, toddlers 3 traits and so on, for a maximum amount of 5 traits for young adults, adults and elders. Young adults will be able to do everything adults can do, including getting married and marry adults (but not teens!).

The needs bars have been reduced to four: hunger, entertainment, energy and bladder.

Living and building

Even the building and furnishing of a house will be innovative: first of all, Sims won’t have a base credit of 20.000§ and won’t be limited by the cost of a house, plus we’ll be able to customize the whole neighborhood and put each house in a bigger terrain lot, and the maximum amount of floors will be 5, foundations included. The height and width of the staircases can be customized, and we’ll also be able to move a set of objects together with only one click.

As for the furnishing, it will be possible to place an item without following the grid we’ve had in the two previous chapters of the game, turning it 360° and placing on diagonal walls, and also put more than an object on a surface.

As for the Build Mode, we know there will be an auto-roof, that is, the roof will autonomously modify itself according to the wall positions, even if we make some changes in a second time. Sims will have cars and the related parking area in the lawn, that can be placed anywhere in the garden and turned 360°.

The real value of each house and the economic funds of each family will be separated and not summed up.

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