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Written by CriCri Saturday, 18 September 2010 10:31
ep3_boxpromoThe full preview of isn't online yet, but they wrote a lot of details on their twitter page and here we can find some new things!
Thanks to Simprograms for the link, we missed to follow Simfans on twitter!

  • When you register the game you will get 4 exclusive bonus objects on the Store
  • Collections:
    • New metals: 
      • carbon steel,
      • smithsonite, (perhaps it's a rock?)
      • tungsten carbine,
      • vampires eye (perhaps it's a gem?)
    • Nuovi insetti:
      • Spider
      • Termite
    • Nuovi pesci:
      • Kissing Gourami,
      • Sea Sludge
      • Sewer Trilobite
  • Gnomes: a new hip-hop gnome, called Blingaboo
  • Film career - the levels are:
    • Background Extra,
    • Best Boy,
    • Key Grip,
    • Personal Assistant,
    • Production Manager,
    • Commercial Actor,
    • TV Actor,
    • Teen Star
  • There is also a part-time film career
  • Build mode
    • 12 fontains - with some rounded options as for pools. You can place fontains on rooftops, rooms and garden
    • 6 halfwalls
    • 7 windows
    • 4 doors
    • 1 column
    • 1 chimney
    • 3 trees
    • 1 gate
  • Buy mode
    • Dance floor -available in 3 size 3x3, 5x5, 7x7
  • Interface:
    • you can expand the window in buy/build mode, so you see more than two rows of objects thumbs at one time
    • enable reflections (yes/no) turned into a slider named: mirrors & water - you can set "reflection quality" (and the result is really impressive, as we told on our preview)
  • Lifetime rewards:
    • Always on the List -17,500 Points Sims will never be refused entry into bars, clubs, and lounges.
  • New lifetime wishes: Master Mixologist, One Sim Band, Super Popular, .. (as we told on our preview, now you can choose from a dropdown list of all lifetime wishes)
  • New community lots type
    • dive bar,
    • fusion lounge,
    • vampire lounge,
    • exclusive lounge,
    • dance club,
    • poolside club, 
    • disco club,
    • sports bar,
    • hangout,
    • local watering hole
  • your sims can rent location (costs simoleons) for their private party. you can choose "exclusive access" if just friends should get in
  • Gossip about weather: Melanie Lam told us and we said on our preview, and now Karen Tong confirm that gossip - Producer would like to add weather in this EP, but they thought that is better a new EP for this purtpose, in order to make weather great and not just an element of an EP with another theme.
Last Updated on Saturday, 18 September 2010 11:29