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Italian preview of Late Night and The Sims 3 console PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Sunday, 12 September 2010 18:10

preview_10.09Thanks to EA Italy, we were able to attend the preview-showcase of several games of the Play Label (The Sims 3 console, The Sims 3 Late Night, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Create, Monopoly and EA Sports Active 2) in Milan. Obviously our attention was focused on The Sims 3 console and Late Night, that were introduced by producer Sam Player and Melanie Lam.

In our day in Milan we were “kidnapped” by Sam Player who guided us into the universe of The Sims 3 for Xbox and Nintendo DS, then Melanie Lam showed us the nightlife of The Sims 3 Late Night. As usual, we are honored for being invited to the event and we thank the producers for making themselves available to our questions, although tired for the European tour, that led them in different countries.


phoca_thumb_l_console-preview-10.09_2787Among the others attending the event there were: Cristina, the boss, Paperpin, the translation server, Nenny, our chaperon, photographer and “house” as well as several other members of the community, a few fans and other Italian sites such as Barbara from SimsMaker, Daniela from DanielaSims, Simone from MondoSims, Luck and Kat for Edenstyle (Eden and Mary did not attend).

Despite other events we've been to, this time we were allowed to take pictures! So, we are proud to show you new pictures together with our coverage. We apologize for the very bad quality of our images, but we took them almost without flash because we didn't want to bother the producers.phoca_thumb_l_console-preview-10.09_001

Also, we knew that at the Sims Studio aren't happy with fans taking pictures during the events, so we shoot them mainly to focus and remember those details we would talk about in the article. Anyhow, we've seen  that other sites published a lot of pictures, so we publish them as well, but would remove them if EA requires that after reading our article.

Here below you can find the links to our coverage (just click on the cover of each game), including a short piece about Barnacle Bay (the neighborhood that will be available on the Sims Store from the end of the month), that Melanie showed us while the others were trying the game. In order to give you as much information as possible, we're going to add details from other preview, which you will find highlighted by this symbol humiliated, as we cannot grant for them.



(Late Night preview is under construction and in upgrade) 

lang_italian_vItalian coverage of this event (Milan, 10/09/2010)

lang_french_v French coverages of the event of 09/08/2010 in Paris:
lang_germanCoverage of the event in Germany:
lang_polandCoverage of the event in Poland:
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