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World Adventures: all you need to know - World Adventures: all you need to know - page 2 PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Monday, 02 November 2009 23:10
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World Adventures: all you need to know
World Adventures: all you need to know - page 2
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New abilities
As we said in the past, there are three new abilities:
  • Martial arts
  • Nectar making
  • Photography
Each ability can be developed and improved in many way, but the most used during the even was Photography. It looks like it is a very difficult and pricy skill, as the game recognizes all the pictures you take. There are six collections of pictures: Everyday moments, Home sweet home, Still life, Around Town and Family and Friends.
There are also several challenges:
  • Architectural eye (10 pics of landscapes)
  • Human form expert (50 pics of different Sims)
  • Paparazzi (60 pics of unknown Sims)
  • Shutter nut (5 collections completed)
Sims can pose or ask someone to pose for a few seconds. There are several kinds of cameras and you can print your pictures placing an order via phone call. Although there is no photographer career, you can always make a living out of taking pictures.

As we said many times, World Adventures introduces a new mean of transport, that is the scooter. This means works like every other vehicle, and is automatically placed in your Sims' inventory. Also, it is the default means of transport for Egypt and France (in China you have a bike).

Lifetime rewards
There's a number of new lifetime rewards:
  • Jet Setter - Trip and Travelling prices are reduced from sims with this reward.
  • Eye Candy - Sim has an aura that gives all sims nearby the eye candy moodlet. How could one resist such a good looking sim?
  • Change of Taste - Allows you to reselect a sims favourites.
  • Prepared Traveller - Travel parties with a prepared traveller in the group can stay in vacations longer.
  • No Jealously - You'll never have to deal with the negative effects of other sims being jealous of you.
  • Stone Hearted - Tragedy and heart break just don't seem to effect these kinds of sims.
  • No Bills Ever - How great would it be to have no bills ever?
  • Learned Relic Hunters - Learned Relic hunters have a knack for finding high value relics and other collectables.
  • Carefree - Sims gain fun 25% faster
  • Meditative Trance - You can get a lot more done when you don't need to sleep for very long at night.
Lifetime wishes
There are also several new lifetime wishes:
  • Seasoned Traveller: Level 3 in each destination
  • Visionary: Level 10 Painting and Photography Skill
  • Physical Perfection:  Level 10 Martial Arts and Athletic Skill
  • World Class Gallery:  Have a collection of photos worth 25,000 plus at least 10 photos from each location
New traits
Even if nobody mentioned them, there area also three new traits:
  • Discipline
  • Photographer's eye
  • Adventurous
There are new cheats including Buydebug, that allows you to enter the advanced options of the Buy Mode and allowObjectsOnRoofs on/off, that allows you to place objects on roofs. There should also be a Sethour-like cheat, to change the time

Other news
  • You can build basements;
  • You can buy fireworks and place them in your garden;
  • Pregnant Sims cannot give birth while abroad;
  • There is no "Adventurer" career, but you can earn a lot of money from treasures;
  • Not every sarcophagus has a mummy;
  • You can distract a mummy by throwing a "mummy snack" you can find in each shop;
  • In Egypt you can fish the mummy fish and crocodiles;
  • Sims can learn local songs. One of the players attending the event said his Sim learned the "Love of Xing Lo";
  • The sky effect is amazing;
  • You can bake Fortune Cookies in China and write your own message;
  • There's an adventure journal;
  • There are no illnesses.
And you ain't seen nothing yet!

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