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Written by Paperpin Monday, 02 November 2009 23:10
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Before talking about what has been said and done during the fan events about World Adventures, we'd really like to thank SimPrograms for creating his amazing megapost with all the updates coming from Redwood Shores. You can find it here.

So, here we are.
As you probably know, we weren't invited to the event, so here's a list of the site attending the Redwood Shores hands-on:

It looks like everyone was allowed to publish in realtime news and pictures on several social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, and that's the reason why there are tons of news available. We tried to reorganize them and we hope we have done a good job.

The main topics of discussion at the EA studios were two: World Adventures and the brand new Create-a-World tool, the utility for creating new neighborhoods we'll talk about in the next article.
As for the expansion pack, all the participants are more than excited about its features and producer Grant Rodiek stated that all the future EPs will be of this kind, that is, will introduce something totally new in the game.

The loading screen
The first thing people noticed was the new loading screen: blue and orange instead of the base game's baby blue on the background, and above the loading bar there are destinations-related icons. The loading tune should be the same of the base game, but each location has its own soundtrack.

Let the adventure begin!
If you want your Sims to go on vacation, you only have to use you cellphone or computer and choose the destination you want to visit. The location will appear after a short loading screen with related music in the background. The structure of each place is the same as any normal neighborhood.

Duration and cost of your stay
The duration of your stay, and consequentially the price, depends on your visa level: there are, in fact, three visa levels that determine how long you can stay abroad. Each level is made up of several visa points, but we don't know the total amount. Important: you cannot stay longer than your visa allows.
  • Level 1: 3 days trip
  • Level 2: 5 days trip
  • Level 3: from 6 to 12 days trip
However, as we'll see shortly, if in your group of travellers there's someone with the "Prepared Traveller" lifetime reward, the whole group can stay longer: 6 days for level 1, 8 days for level 2 and up to 15 days for level 3. Also, the visa level is personal and does not concern the whole household.

The price of the travel should be the same for the first two levels, while we don't know the cost for level 3. Here's the adult's fares:
  • Egypt: 1600§ for the first Sim + 1000§ for each extra Sim
  • France: 1900§ for the first Sim + 1000§ for each extra Sim
  • China: 1300§ for the first Sim + 1000§ for each extra Sim
It's not clear if the price is different for children and teenagers.

The three destinations
Most of the players attending the event played with Egypt, which is the location we know the most. When your Sim arrive in the pyramid's land, they will find themselves in the case camp, which has been described as a very basic area with tents, a kitchen, separated showers for males and females (China's base camp, instead, is more like a hostel with bedrooms, shared bathrooms, a kitchen and a reading room). Within the camp there is also a board with information about the missions your Sims can attempt, but also the locals can provide your character with interesting opportunities. One of the participants to the event said that his Sim earned 10 Visa Point for accepting to help the locals. Egypt's most important places are: the Sphinx, the Sky Pyramid and the Desert's End, where you can find several tombs and some buildings. In each destination you can also visit local's houses and shops, that finally are open to the player (instead of Sunset Valley's or Riverview's).

It's possible to edit the destinations as you do with residential neighborhoods, while in order to edit tombs, you'll need a special cheat.

Where to stay
We know Sims can by holiday houses after earning a certain amount of visa points, but where will they stay in the meanwhile? We don't know what happens in France or China, but surely if you're in Egypt and you leave the base camp to explore something, the only thing you can do is having a tent!
There are two kinds of tents, a green standard one and a bigger and more comfortable one, with two bedrooms. In each tent you can enter at least 2 Sims but you cannot see the inside. When you stay in a tent and there aren't bathrooms nearby, it might be useful having a shower-in-a-can. It's also possible to buy dried food.

Shops and markets
Places you should visit when travelling abroad are shops and markets, which are finally open to the player, who can see inside them. Each destination has its own "accessible" shops, while in your residential neighborhoods you'll still have rabbit holes. You can, however, rebuild them as open shops.

Souvenirs and postcards
Sims can take home all the items they find abroad, but it's not clear yet if you can send postcards.

There's a number of collectible items in Egypt, France and China: seeds (there are at least 6 new kinds of grape and pomegranate), stones/gems (including copper, turquoise, rainbow gems) and bugs. As for normal neighborhoods, these objects are store in each Sims' inventory. You cannot open the Family Inventory during your stay abroad.

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