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Home Meeting with the producers The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part) - Cheats, game launching and conclusions
The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part) - Cheats, game launching and conclusions PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 22 March 2009 00:00
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The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part)
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Cheats, game launching and conclusions
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Cheats and the Game Starter

With the latest EPs we got used to the Game Launcher, some kind of experiment of what we'll find in The Sims 3. From what we have seen, it will be more complicated and rich in details. We can download file from the Exchange or see what we have already downloaded or saved, our videos and other stuff, and everything is divided into categories, so we can easily find for example Sims, clothing, lots, etc. In other articles we found on the Web, we have read that it's very hard to develop an anti-piracy system that doesn't limit the player, and it looks like they're still working to find a way that doesn't limit the number of installations as it happened with Spore, that allowed only 3 installations, and it's not clear how things will work for The Sims 3.
We have asked MJ if there are cheats for the players and she confirmed they do, but are different from The Sims 2's and we probably won't need them at all; for example we don't need them to place an objects outside the grid.

Feelings and conclusions

If you haven't fallen asleep on the keyboard yet, we'd like to give you our opinions. Surely watching Sims going around without the blue loading screen feels very weird, as the different personalities Sims can develop do. We're actually very scared at the idea of starting everything over and being limited with the customization..but we hope we'll find a way to get through. MJ has been just exquisite, even if understanding her fluent English has been a bit difficult sometimes, but meeting such an inspired person who loves so much her job is very encouraging. We were also thinking she was a Sims coming out from the screen, because the line between her game knowledge and her way of talking and acting like a Sim was very thin sometimes! sv_m1730 The most amusing fact was when she wanted to show us something from her laptop and trying to turn it, the power unit fell down, just a few inches from Francesco's feet (he's from EA Marketing). Notice that her laptop wasn't actually so..portable, and we were really curious to find out what kind of machine was. It should be an amazing Dell XPS (we suppose an XPS M1730 with two NVidia SLI graphic cards - say hi to subliminal advertising). Surely, on a machine like that, there are no loading issues, and the graphics was more than perfect. We hope we won't be too disappointed once the game will be installed on our computers!
Unfortunately, press and other interviews were waiting for the producer, who said goodbye and thanked us, also saying she was available to answer further questions. We have been talking with the marketing managers, having lunch with them and receiving the first Sims 3 gadgets! We couldn't miss the final picture in front of the game cover's poster, striking a pose with the bag and the other stuff!


Foto di gruppo Gadgets

You can see all the pictures of the event in our gallery.

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