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Home Meeting with the producers The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part) - Children, teenagers, school, socials and interactions
The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part) - Children, teenagers, school, socials and interactions PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 22 March 2009 00:00
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The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (second part)
Loading families, playable Sims, Wishes and Opportunities
Children, teenagers, school, socials and interactions
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Death, ghosts and passing away
Pregnancy, childbirths and heredity
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Children, teens and schools

Fermata bus Fermata bus Children and teenagers do go to school, and the school bus runs by everyday. In TS2 if you missed the bus you'd get into troubles, but now there seems to be a remedy ;) Maybe our kids who were looking for a pretext to stay at home won't be happy about that, but the school bus not only passes by your lot, but also by every lot where young people live. Then, if you miss the bus, you can always walk to the closest neighbor with children and catch it. Once you get to school, the bus disappears.
Everyday our young ones have homeworks to do at home. Those with the "workaholic" trait won't miss a second and start to do them as soon as they get back home. On the official English forum they say there won't be private schools and you can't invite the school Principal anymore; actually we didn't think about that when talking to MJ, so we can't say if that's true or not.
At the end of the school time, kids can bring a friend at home again, or they can go and visit a friend. We can accept or deny the invitation, and according to the friendship level we have reached, we may be asked to stay over. If we accept, the Sim master of the house will welcome us with a friendly "make yourself at home". Maybe this is given to the fact that Sims now have their own beds, as we said in a previous article, and they don't fall asleep in the first bed they see (unless it's not in their personality ;)).
We have asked if children, toddlers and teenagers can die. The answer has been a little elusive, like "Can they die in The Sims 2? Then they will..", but anyhow producers can't say everything and there are surely tons of things to do, and probably MJ did not tried them all. It's sure, instead, that teens cannot have love affairs with young adults or adults, since it would be illegal, as it is in real life.

Socials and interactions Interazioni Interazioni

When Sims run into relatives or friends, they recognize them. When we make friends with someone, in the top part of the screen will appear the relationship meter. We have already explained that relationships are more realistic, they need more time to lower or turn into love, but the fun fact is that, like reality, when we meet someone new we don't know everything about him/her. In the relationships panel, in fact, we will see what we already know (for example that he's vegetarian) and several ??? for what we don't know yet.
Traits affect a Sim's behavior, i.e. a bad/evil Sim will feature a special menu list where are grouped all the exclusive socials s/he has thanks to his/her traits.

Flow of time

As in The Sims 2, we have several time speeds. We have a fourth speed indeed! This is useful when our Sims are sleeping, for example. Another news is that if we let a Sim sleep until s/he's completely restored, this will positively affect his/her mood. In our help, when a Sim is sleeping, hovering with the mouse arrow on the bed will show the awakening time, that is, the hour by which the Sim is fully "recharged".
As we have said many times, there are no seasons or weather. The sun is always shining and the landscape is just breath-taking. Very long hair move a bit when Sims walk.


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