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Home Meeting with the producers The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part) - Creating a Sim: body shapes, height, color palette and patterns
The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part) - Creating a Sim: body shapes, height, color palette and patterns PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 21 March 2009 01:59
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The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part)
Creating a Sim: body shapes, height, color palette and patterns
Clothing, hairs, accessories and exportation
Disappointing customization and deja-vu feelings
Traits and personality
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Create A Sim

Create a Sim Create a Sim MJ moves quickly among the menus, and it's evident that she has spent God-knows-how much time on those slides, and to us, who only know them from a couple of screenshots, to focus on every option seems to be quite hard...A quick look at the premade Sims we can find in the game: as it has been said many times, they really look more realistic, compared to The Sims 2, and maybe even more "playable", since you won't risk to meet fugly ones in the neighborhood. We have also had a look to the several ages and body shapes. At this point, a question about height and why it hasn't been included in the game was needed, and as we imagined and tried to explain to all our users, the reason can be found in matters of planning and programming, that is, merely technical.
Producer said: "The reasons are decidedly technical. We'd really like (to include height in the game, ndr), but it's already very hard to provide interactions that work with every body shape, and adding a height slider was very troublesome, expecially for those players who own old machines".
We can only live with it and give up hoping they will include that later.

Color palette and textures

Palette colori e texture Palette colori e texture We have been talking about the color palette, that allows us to choose from an RGB scale the nuance we want for skin, hair and clothes. From what we have seen, a hair band, a sweater and a skirt, sliders to apply different patterns and colors work as for the hair (where we can choose the color of highlights, roots, and so on). This doesn't work for the skin, instead, which will be the same all over the body (you can choose among red, green, blue and 3 "natural shades", of which you can pick your favourite nuance). We have seen a tabby fabric (producers must love tabby fabrics..) applied in "cloves" on the hair band, then a diamond pattern has been applied on the sweater and an abstract texture on some parts of the skirt. We can't say if the number of sliders is the same for every element, but we're encouraged by the fact we can at least choose what and how we want to customize. I must also say that it's not very clear how we can import custom textures in the game, and it actually should not be possible, at least for now. We can always download combinations created by others, but we have doubts about that too. Pattern application Pattern application Now that I think about it, looking at the way Sims 2 and Sims Societies work, maybe we'll be able to import new textures adding the right format files in the right folders...we kinda hope for that, just to give vent to our creativity although we cannot modify alphas and meshes! We hope to give you good news about that anytime soon.

The new menu interface is rich in buttons and functions, we have seen a few of them and they seemed so many! We can understand why Kate from Parsimonious was complaining about that in her Creator's Camp review! One thing that is surely innovative is the introduction of the Drag&Drop function, so that we only have to select a pattern and drag it on an object to apply it (and this works in the CAS screen as well as in the Buy Mode). Another important thing is that if we create a peculiar style for the hair and then we change the hairstyle, the colour remains the same we've picked! We won't have to do everything over!
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