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Home Meeting with the producers The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part)
The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part) PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 21 March 2009 01:59
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The Sims 3 preview with the producer MJ Chun (first part)
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MJ Chun Mj Chun - Sims 3 Producer On March 13th EA Italy invited us in their studios in Milan, to show us The Sims 3 and meet Producer MJ Chun. Before I start with this article, I really have to thank Piero and Francesco (EA Online Manager and Trainee) and Eden, Sims Community Manager, for making this event possible.

Of our team, only Cristina, the undersigned, and Nenny (who has been following our Finds for more than a year and is now part of the team with her creations for Sims2Cri) were there. Zukkao, Cri e Nenny Zukkao, Cri e Nenny Unfortunately, Paperpin, who takes so much care of Sims3Cri, couldn't come to the event. This article has been realized with the collaboration of Zukkao, webmaster of SimsFan and a dear friend of mine, who was also present at the meeting. I have to thank him too for his help and for making our homecoming trip so amusing, while we were trying to make up our mind and draw a conclusion of what we had seen some hours before. Well, let's get it started now! We're going to tell you everything we saw and learned, integrating with something we already knew and with news published on other websites (unfortunately, the producer had a very short time, and even if we spent a hour and half with her, it was impossible to see everything!).

After a short introduction held by the Italian Marketing Managers, who thanked us for what we do everyday for The Sims and for our passion, MJ Chun got to the heart of the matter. The monitor was already showing the Create A Sim screen, that has always been the starting point of many articles and news, maybe for its importance and the prominence they want to give to the changes they've made to the game, or maybe as MJ said, because it's her favourite part of the game.

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