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The Sims 3 University Life Preview - Q&A PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 14 February 2013 00:00
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Questions and answers

EA TheSims3_Headshot_ArgusHulinWe received some questions and asked them to producer Argus Hulin, who was Skype-connected and made himself available to answer us.

1) Are there new meals?
Yes! There are new quick meals, great for the campus life, like yogurt or 

2) Do Sims age as usual when they are at the university?
No. Sims do not age while at the campus. After their graduation, they get back home and keep living their life in the same life state they had when they left for the campus.

3) What are the new types of deaths and ghosts?
There are three new types of death: by Murphy bed, by vending machine and by ranting. No further information about the new ghosts were given.

4) Is there a new woohoo spot?
Yes, Sims can now woohoo in the Murphy bed.

5) Can you create a custom university sub-hood?
Not really. You can edit the existing sub-hood just like you'd edit Sunset Valley. You can move and edit lots, but you can't create a new neighborhood.

6) Can you tell us something more about the job board?
The job board is a simple way for Sims to make money for the day. It works just like the mission board of World Adventures.

And here there are some screenshots we took during the event (thanks Daniela for them!):

university2 university3 university4 university5 university6 university7 university8 university9

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