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The Sims 3 University Life Preview - Dorms, Skills and PlantSims PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 14 February 2013 00:00
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The Sims 3 University Life Preview
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Dorms and roommates

When your Sims move to the university, they'll get a room in a dorm. There are three kinds of dorms: one for girls only, one for boys only and a mixed one. You can choose a room and customize it as you wish (by clicking on the door you can also make your room private or decide who can get in), exactly like The Sims 2 University. Your roommates and the other students aren't playable, you can only play the character(s) you decide to send to the campus.

If you don't like dorms, you can rent an apartment.
You can also decide to have roommates to live with and you can ask other Sims to be roommates, find a roommate on the newspaper/computer and even kick him/her out if you don't like them. You can also use your influence to convince other Sims to do things for you (like cleaning, preparing food and so on). 

At the entrance of each dorm there is a job board that works exactly like the mission board of World Adventures. Your Sims can get a job for a day, take part in a challenge and find a job according to their social group.

Social groups

Another new feature of The Sims 3 University Life is the introduction of social groups. This means that your Sims can socialize with other characters with their same interests and possibly traits and be part of a social group. There are three groups:
  • Rebels (purple)
  • Nerds (green)
  • Athletes (orange)
You can be part of one or more groups, it's up to you. You can also master in all the three groups, there is even a lifetime wish for that!
When you hover your cursor on a Sim, a colored square appears showing the group that Sim is part of.
I think this social group thing works a bit like the celebrity system. You can earn "points" by socializing with people from each group, make special interactions that characterize your group and so on. I think there are 10 levels of 'influence' for each group.
Also, if I'm not wrong, when you reach the top level of a group and graduate, you can get an additional extra slot for a new trait. This means that when you finish the university with high marks and a good social position, you'll end up with 7 traits!

You can check your current group situation with your smartphone. Sims mobile phone has been updated and it's now a full-touch device.


Of course, you can throw a party! With the limited edition of University Life, you'll get the exclusive statues of Parteus Maximus that allows you to set the theme of the party: formal, toga, masquerade, swimwear and pajama parties.

Abilities and skills

The Sims 3 University Life introduces three new skills: Street Art, Social Groups and Science.
There is a special street art kit that allows you to write tags or draw graffiti around the campus and place them on the street or walls. But be careful, as the police may catch you!
While I do not know much about the Social Group skill (other than guessing it'll help you socializing with the social groups via SMS, blogs, internet), the Science ability helps you with a number of things.
You can study and analyze collectibles and other items, analyze Sims, clone Sims, control people's mind and much more. Also, I do believe playing with the Science ability will help you finding something new and... green.


university12That's what I meant with 'new and green'! Yes, The Sims 3 University Life introduces PlantSims! If you played The Sims 2 Seasons, you'll know what I'm talking about.
PlantSims are special Sims with a deep connection with nature. A typical PlantSim has a green complexion, hair made of leaves and a nature-inspired outfit. university13 PS in The Sims 3 are more 'flexible', as you can customize the look of the character and you don't necessarily have to be green-skinned. There are leafy hairdos for both males and females (and it doesn't have to be necessarily green), a leafy beards for men and a special outfit for both. While these are available in CAS for everyone, unless you have The Sims 3 Supernatural, you won't be able to create a PlantSim directly from the Create a Sim.

PS don't have the Bladder and Hunger motives, but need to be hydrated constantly. They can talk to plants and trees, blow poisoned kisses, do the photosynthesis process and much more. We didn't really figure out HOW you become a PlantSim, I guess it's something related to the Science/Gardening ability but I'm not sure.
PlantSims have special interactions but we didn't had the chance to play with one of them or transform. We saw that when they walk, they leave some kind of flowery trail behind them.
You can cure a PlantSim and transform him into a normal Sim.

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