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Written by CriCri Sunday, 02 August 2009 17:20

Sims 2 Cri Wants you

Sims3Cri is always looking for new talents to enlarge its team! Can you create clothes, lots, objects, meshes or anything else about The Sims 2? Don't hesitate! Contact us and send your works, you may become one of us!

Send your creations (remove the # from the address)

Becoming part of the team: general rules
  • We have been creating custom contents for some years. In this period we have reached a certain quality level, and that's the reason why we accept only experienced creators. If you're still in your first steps at creating, show your works to the community by sharing your creations on the forum.
  • We take what we do very seriously. For this reason, if you want to collaborate with us you should be of age or at least 14 years old.
  • We're looking for constant creators. We will not publish occasional stuff. Do not send us files asking to publish them if you do not plan to work together consistently.
  • Sending the email with your creations does not assure your admittance in our team.
  • Before becoming a real member, it may take a little time to gain each other's confidence. Consider that the staff is a real team and we collaborate to many projects. We require contents for an update at every month. We may also ask you to create something related to our current projects.
  • When you become a member of our staff, you give rights up your creation to Sims3Cri. You will be recognized as the creator, you can update your files and so, but the choice to keep online or remove contents is reserved to Sims3Cri. This means that if you disappear for long time, the staff can delete your creation and your profile after few notice. Sims3Cri preserve the right to manage your creations even if you leave our team. This clause is needed to preserve our site contents.
What and how to send
  • At least 3 works, that you may also have published before anywhere else (in this case, please specify). You also have to specify if you are a member of another site's staff. Our staff's members are exclusive, thus you'll have to leave any other collaboration.
  • Send us a .rar or .zip archive that includes:
    • the file to test it in game
      readme file belonging to the meshes, patterns and other custom content used, and a text file with a link to the author
      Ingame pictures of your creation.
    • Please remember that only those lots that respect the policy of each creator can be published, thus check out the policy of every object used in the lot. This list will probably help.
  • Send your creations to (remove the # from the address)
Receving the answer
  • Your works will be evaluated and tested, and you'll get an answer (negative or positive) within a week.
  • We usually publish only exclusive stuff, if you would like to cooperate on some other sites, we can discuss what is the best way to work together.
  • If you are not accepted to our team, you can obviously use the files you've sent us as you like.
  • To shoot best pics, just follow our tutorial on Creating perfect screenshots.
  • Make sure to include only redistributable contents.
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