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Written by CriCri Wednesday, 01 June 2011 20:01
We are writing this article in order to try to make things clearer about the new patch 1.22. This update is much different from the previous ones: for Windows there is only a base game patch, while the version for MAC has updates for each stuff pack/expansion.
This patch adds a lot of features included in Generations, added in for those players who only have the base game, but it also changes some systems the game uses to manage files and organize the structure of the folders in the Programs directory.

This said, a common issue for European Windows players is the missing detection of the update from the launcher, while it works for MAC. EA is aware of the issues and is trying to fix the matter.

Anyhow, if you can't download the patch from the launcher, you may want to try one of the following solutions:
  • Downloading the update from the link provided by EA on their customer care page and/or on the official English forum. The patch can be found here (644mb size, for Windows only. Other versions can be found on the forum).
  • Using The Sims 3 Patch Downloader (downloading the new version) and following the instructions you can find here.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the whole game, base and EPs included. By reinstalling The Sims 3, you will be able to download patch 1.22 via launcher.
If you are a MAC user, instead, it looks like you'd better not get this update: several users claimed that after the patch the launcher doesn't work anymore. Some others said to have solved this issue by installing Generations.

What we can say about this, is that we installed the patch last night on Windows XP (game version 6.2) and after the update, the launcher wouldn't work anymore. It would load and freeze. On the same machine, we uninstalled the game and the expansion packs, reinstalled the base game and found the update via launcher. So we got the patch and launched the game.
On another computer with Windows 7 and game 6.2, we downloaded the patch manually, installed it and had no issues.

In case you have issues with the launcher after the update, just try to unistall/reinstall the game.

Note about intermediate versions of the update

Until last patch (1.19), there were intermediate patches for Windows too, in order to update each EP. Now, the launcher automatically installs the base game patch and the latest expansion patch. If you want to get all the other updates, you'll have to use The Sims 3 Patch Downloader tool, or go to the official board and download from the links there provided. The tool above is useful because you don't have to care about the right version of the update for your game.

Please note: the update for The Sims 3 Ambitions from 4.5 to 4.7 gives an "Invalid file found" error, and you cannot install it (if you already have the Late Night patch).