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Written by CriCri Sunday, 06 December 2009 20:02
s3p_pa_sDo you have 1.6-1.7 patch or World Adventures?
Does your game load really slow?
Do you know the difference between .sims3pack and .package? If you can choose between these 2 formats, do you know what is the best?

If you answered yes at least at one question, you have a good reason to continue reading.

Sims3Pack: just like The Sims 2's .sims2pack, this is the default file format. They can be installed by double clicking on them or via game launcher if you place them in My Documents/Downloads (read about .sims3pack installation).
When you install a .sims3pack:
  • a copy of the .sims3pack file is created in the Downloads folder
  • the .package content is placed in the DCBackup folder, but only for a back-up copy. These files are not used by the game.
  • a .dbc index file that features the real CC within the DCache folder is updated
  • The game recognizes as custom contents only  files created in this format. So, when you export this kind of files, you will find attached patterns and other items installed in this format. This doesn't always happen with .package files.
If you have a .Sims3Pack files, you can always extract the .package version from it, by using Sims3Pack Multi installer.

Package: it is always a format read by the game, but only as a "resource". It is different from The Sims 2 (and that's why old files do not work for The Sims 3). Modders have found a way to force the game to read these files, by placing a file named Resource.cfg and a Mods/Packages folder in the same directory the game is installed (more about .package installation).
This makes the game do something different than it would normally do. It wasn't built to load these files, and the way it is forced to do that is the same the game follows to load the default items (such as Buy/Build mode files).

If you have a .package file, you can't always obtain the .sims3pack version from it in an easy way.

Using .package files is not plain wrong and causes issues, but can be the source of your troubles, without a doubt. At this moment in time, the best choice is checking for .sims3pack versions of your files, use them and keep a very few .package files, just the ones you can't do without - and check if they do not cause issues to your game.
The game should read each folder and file at least once when you load it. With .sims3pack you have all in one file, with .package you have some files and some folders. Try to think to the difference between loading just a file and loading 100, 1000 or more files!
  • If you download sims3packs, keep the original files stored in a folder and divided into categories with a picture for each file. In this way, you will be able to get back to the author's site in case of troubles or check for updates. Once you have installed them, you can remove their copies in the Downloads and DCBackup folders. If you delete the DCCache folder, you'll remove everything you installed.
  • If you download .package files, keep them divided into subfolders, without reaching too many levels, place images, links to the author's site, etc. In this way you are able to try several files of the same kind, as .package files are giving a lot of troubles. If you have a small amount of .package files (I mean, well-done files), the game has no issues. If you're thinking about adding a hundred on them, troubles may be awaiting.

Mods (hack) and default replacement need the .package file format due to their nature. It's impossible convert them into the .sims3pack format. We don't say to use only .sims3pack and totally avoid .sims3pack, we suggest you to prefer .sims3pack format when possible and limit the number of .package files. 

If you don't like to use .sims3pack, you can extract .package from the .sims3pack version, by using Sims3Pack Multi installer

This is a short version of a long article about World Adventures, patch, bugs and custom contents problems.

Be sure about your .package files, don't use Sims 2 package in Sims 3!!! They cause game crash and don't work!

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 December 2009 21:15