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World Adventures, lags, bugs and custom content - How to use CC PDF Print
Written by CriCri Monday, 30 November 2009 14:03
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What we would like you to do is be patient and even if it's boring, please try to play without CC. They were realized only for a hobby, and as such, they may be buggy and no update is due. When it is made, you have to be thankful to the author. Personally, I've cursed the game a lot of times while testing files, it's so frustrating to see that each time things behave in a different way. EA creates its game and cannot take into account all the things we want to install. As I said in the past, I did expected much more from them, but nothing matters now.

During my tests, I found a lot of removed files yet still active in the game, as I hadn't deleted the cache file. In this way it looked like the game was loading faster. Then I've tried again and it didn't worked anymore. You can try yourselves, if it works it's good for you. Probably, the first time it worked as my cache file size was huge, or maybe I've dreamed everything in a "testing delirium".

How to organize your downloads

  • If you download sims3packs, keep the original files stored in a folder and divided into categories with a picture for each file. In this way, you will be able to get back to the author's site in case of troubles or check for updates. Once you have installed them, you can remove their copies in the Downloads and DCBackup folders. If you delete the DCCache folder, you'll remove everything you installed.
  • If you download .package files, keep them divided into subfolders, without reaching too many levels, place images, links to the author's site, etc. In this way you are able to try several files of the same kind, as .package files are giving a lot of troubles. If you have a small amount of .package files (I mean, well-done files), the game has no issues. If you're thinking about adding a hundred on them, troubles may be awaiting.

Things you should know about Sims3Packs

  • They didn't cause any issue during our tests
  • They are the game's default file format, and once you install them, they are added to a sort of index file stored in the DCCache folder.
  • The game recognizes as custom contents only  files created in this format. So, when you export this kind of files, you will find attached patterns and other items installed in this format. This doesn't always happen with .package files.


As we said, the .package format doesn't work or better, it doesn't work fine. For this reason, to avoid troubles and since from our poll you stated to prefer sims3packs, we will support this format and try to offer all our contents in this format. When possible, we'll give you the opportunity to download the other version too, but please notice that you will find sims3packs as our default files. We're doing this for your and not our benefit, and not because we want to destroy your game using TSR's Workshop (which actually is the only utility that supports this kind of files). We want you to experience as less issues as possible, and at this moment in time this seems to be the best way. If we have other utilities that support sims3packs, we'll try and use them, but for now we can only use the Workshop. However, if you really don't want to use .sims3pack files, you can always extract their .package contents using Sims3Pack Multi installer. Not always the game has issues with packages, but try not to install too many of them. If you keep a small amount of them and prefer sims3packs, you should be ok.

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