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World Adventures, lags, bugs and custom content - Incompatible files and blue objects PDF Print
Written by CriCri Monday, 30 November 2009 14:03
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World Adventures, lags, bugs and custom content
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It has already been tested that many .package files cause issues to the game. In the following list you will find some fo them. A very useful list can be found on the Custom Sims 3 forum, in this thread.

Files that are not compatible with World Adventures

  • Rick's NoCensor File: not compatible with WA. Other than removing the censorship blur, it also removes new interactions of this EP, such as traps warnings, bugs, etc. You must replace it with the updated version for World Adventures made by RothChild
  • Unlock hidden traits: this hack to unlock hidden traits is not compatible, and if you keep it, you won't be able to choose new traits for your Sims, nor to see other existing Sims'.
  • File that cause the game to show blue objects:
    • Lemoncandy floor plants: fig tree
    • Mutske counter top windows
    • SimsTrasTos basket of eggs: sthuevosblan.package
    • Police car
    • Lemoncandy Indoor plants: most of them have been updated, download them again
    • Yogi-Tea_FoosballTable
    • Leesester_WindowMissionCounter Height.package
    • mango-s3-imary-etagerewallbaskets.package
    • cII_MissionFireplace
    • JS_blondmermaid_BeeBabyRoom_crib e JS_blondmermaid_BeeBabyRoom_shelves (Vitasims' baby room)
    • Stylist_Sims_Livingroom_01_palm.package
    • JS_blondmermaid_JeffersaonLivingSet_Plant, JS_blondmermaid_JeffersonLivingset_Plant2, JS_blondmermaid_JeffersonSet_Orchids, JS_blondmermaid_JeffersonSet_OrchidsPink
    • Desdren shelf DSD02.package
    • Lulamai: luna_rip.package, luna_trajedemadera2.package, luna_sedespert├│.package, luna_descansenpaz.package, luna_suiteterna.package, luna_trajedemadera.package
    • These files are only a few that have been verified as non compatible, but probably there are many more. So, if you see blue objects, cubes, squares, etc. remove your CC and do some testing.
  • Beware from hacks, expecially those that help gaining skills, finding seeds, fishes, etc. Check for updates on the author's site and if you experience issues, REMOVE THEM.

Files that should be compatible with World Adventures

  • .Sims3Pack files
  • Patterns, but if you have a lot of them you will experience poor game performance. Choose the .sims3pack version where available.
You should test your files, check them and remove them when needed. You have to do a few tries. World Adventures introduced a bunch of new things to do, and issues are always on the doorstep. Also, a lot of objects have been realized and are currently being tested, so we're all relatively unexperienced with CC. If you notice some blue items, it's surely not compatible and must be removed.

Remember that removing items from the Mods/Packages folder is not enough. You have to delete the cache files in My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3, that are:
  • SimCompositorCache.package
  • CompositorCache.package
  • CASPartCache.package
  • ScriptCache.package
  • in case, delete the Thumbnails folder

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