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Written by CriCri Sunday, 22 November 2009 01:27
We need to clarify a couple of things about patches and what we wrote in the last days. All these events (patches, custom contents issues and the new EP) and our willingness to keep you updated with the latest news have caused a bit of confusion in our minds. So here it is a list of tips to follow before installing The Sims 3 World Adventures and the game patches. Read More Read More

Patch 1.7/2.2

We have made a mistake. When reporting the news from SimPrograms, we told 1.7 was the Windows version and 2.2 was the MAC version of the patch. This is WRONG!
1.7 is the version for the base game, The Sims 3
2.2 is the version you need if you have installed The Sims 3 World Adventure

So, let's suppose you have only The Sims 3: opening the launcher, you are asked to update the game. Now you get the 1.7 patch. After this, you install The Sims 3 World Adventures. Then, you re-open the launcher and you are asked to patch the game again. Now you get the 2.2 patch. We strongly suggest to follow all tips provided in the past days, before and after the patch installation.

  • after this patch some custom contents are not compatible anymore. For example, if you keep in your Mods folder the hack to unlock hidden traits, you will not be able to select traits for your sim and they disappear from the control panel.
  • in order to use the Create a style tool on fences, stairs, etc, you'll need to delete and replace them when working on old lots. If you're working on a new lot or you've just built fences, stairs, etc, you can immediately use the tool over them.
  • Create a style doesn't work on fences, staircases and all the other newly recolorable items downloaded and created before this patch. We hope creators will update these items.
  • Create a style doesn't work on fences, staircases and all the other newly recolorable items downloaded from the Sims 3 Store. We hope and wait for a free update of these items.
  • This patch edit the saves format. Despite The Sims 2, the patch doesn't edit your saved data during the installation. When you load the game, it loads your old saves. So, if you have an old save you want to restore, you can place it in the Saves folder. This also means that if you got some errors during the patch installation and the first loading, you can restore your backup copy of saves. The format of saves changes only when you choose to save while you're playing. This is the reason that caused all the issues and due to this we strongly suggest to use the Save as option when saving for the first time. Once you install the patch or World Adventures and you save the game, you will find some files in your Saves folder:
    • Name.legacy is the old version of your saves. This is the latest version of your gamedata before the patch installation/Save as option. If you have installed the patch but haven’t load the game ever since, you won’t have this file. This is created only when you use the Save option on a pre-patch version.
    • Name.sims3 before the patch it was just a file, now it is a folder. Here you can find some files, such as Sunset Valley_0x0859db3c.nhd, as the main file, due to its size. This folder contains the current version of your saves.
    • Name.sims3.backup before the patch it was just a file, now it is a folder. It is the same of  .sims3 folder, but it contains the previous version of your saves.
  • Errors while saving: if you get some errors while saving, loading and so on, you can restore your files very easily:
    • You get an error while loading the game for the first time after the patch/ep installation: you need to restore the Name.legacy and rename it as Name.sims3
    • You get an error while saving (after some successful saves  with the patch/ep): move to your desktop (for example) the  Name.sims3 folder and rename the Name.sims3.backup folder as Name.sims3
    • Damn! A sim is dead in a fire and quitting the game you have made a mistake and you saved! Don't worry, we can fix that. Your before-the-sim's-death-saved file is now called Name.sims3.backup and the newest version with the dead sim is Name.sims3. If you don't want the version with the dead sim, you should delete the folder called Name.sims3 and rename the folder called Name.sims3.backup as Name.sims3.

The Sims 3 World Adventure

As for The Sims 2 and its expansions, we are going to write a TO-DO list before installing the ep.

  • Make a full backup copy of your saves, your custom contents and stuff.
  • REMOVE every custom content installed, in particular every HACK, mod etc. It's boring, we know, but you should delete all cc if you don't want problems.
  • Register your copy of the game on the official website.
  • Install the 1.7 patch (you can check if you need to patch your game by opening the launcher on a pc connected to the internet).

  • Open the launcher, it will ask you to install a new update, so go ahead.
  • Load the game and check if all works fine.
  • Try to create a new save file with the Save as option. Now you can tinker around with the game without being afraid to mess up things or lose your families.
  • After this testing, you can load your “true” saves. Remember that the best way to avoid problems is using the SAVE AS option when you load the game for the first time. Then you can normally use the SAVE option.
  • Now you can try your custom contents. We know it's boring, but the best way to do this is trying just a few files per time, loading the game and checking if everything works fine. If not, then it will be easier for you to find what is causing issues
  • If your game doesn't start or you have any other issue, try to update your graphics card drivers.
    Note: the latest Nvidia driver (version of 11/05) could give some problems. If you get it and games doesn't start, uninstall these drivers and re-install an older version.


Once you've tested your game without cc, you can try to add them. Some sites report that you need to move both Resource.cfg and Mods folder where you've installed the expansion. This is not true. If you leave everything in the Programs\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 directory, the game load your cc anyway. Only if your cc do not show up in the game, try moving the folders in the World Adventures directory.

Even if the game loads your custom contents, this doesn't mean that they are compatible and work without problems. Some mods can crash your game, some others can hide the game options, such as the blur remover hack and the unlock hidden traits mod. Please check their compatibility on the creators’ sites or threads where you've downloaded them from.
Last Updated on Monday, 23 November 2009 19:07