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Written by CriCri Sunday, 21 June 2009 16:37
It seems that The Sims 3 is full of bug if you browse forums and so. One of known issue affect game speed. This problem create some difficult when a user try to use faster speed: the time doesn't pass faster then normal. The Sims 3 core engine has been realized to start automatically super speed (4) when all sim are sleeping or are at work. What is the vantage if time doesn't pass faster?

First, we should talk about minimum requirements. Some people talk about bugs when the real problem is their PC. If your PC is near to minimum system requirements you can't pretend high performance. Super speed, require some CPU and GPU resources.

Btw it is true that game speed often doesn't work. Why does it happen? We have a question for you... Are you playing game in a windowed mode? If you answer is yes, this is the reason because your game speed doesn't work. Come back to full screen and... tadan! Game speed now works.

We have written a little article about game speed, problems and how to solve them on our Simpedia. So if you want delve into game speed... read more!

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 June 2009 16:49