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Important update about the CC compatibility with patch 1.26/Pets PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Wednesday, 19 October 2011 16:24
radioactiveAs we announced a couple of articles ago, the new patch 1.26 (1.27 for Mac) - and consequently The Sims 3 Pets - changes the way some game files work, so that third-parties CC doesn't work properly anymore (missing or broken animations, missing functions, etc).

The TSR team that created the Workshop has published an important post about the current situation, and we're sure many of you won't like it at all.

Are you ready? Take a seat and read the big news after the jump! (thanks sww for the find!)

The Good News...

TSR staff have been working hard to fix the problems caused by the Pets EP and the 1.26 game patch (1.27 for Mac) released by EA. To enable Pets animations, EA have changed the way many objects work. Without boring you with the technical details the result was that most CC fails to work in the game after applying the patch or Pets EP. Micke (our ├╝ber coder that created Workshop) has created some fixes for the problem but not without generating others, which some users are likely to be unhappy with. We can fix objects to work with Pets and the latest game patch. Workshop is now fixed and exports objects which work with Pets and the patch. We will run a batch process to fix all of our existing content "server side" which we hope to start on Thursday. While this process is running we will suspend Sims 3 downloads so that users don't get a mix of patched and unpatched files. This process will take an estimated 10 hours.

We will also release a tool which will fix any sims3pack and .package files which you have, regardless of which website you downloaded them from. This was actually ready to release today but we realized that you would need to uninstall your game content, patch the sims3pack files you already have and then install them all again. This would be a nightmare for CC hungry power users.

Instead we have opted to delay the release until (hopefully) tomorrow to make it more powerful. The new tool will actually patch your already installed content as well, basically giving you a "run this and it will fix your game" tool. We're quite sure most people would prefer to wait another day for this feature.

The Bad News...

Yes. The bad news! Once a sims3pack file has been fixed to work with Pets and the 1.26 game patch (1.27 for Mac), they will no longer work with unpatched (older) versions of the game. That means that to continue using new CC in Sims 3 you will have no choice but to update to the very latest version. I can hear the screams now! I know some people don't like patching but providing 2 versions of every file is not something we are prepared to do. We are thinking forward. What if weather comes in the next EP and this happens again for procedural snow effects? Another script, another version to support, several configurations.... We just can't support multiple game versions with CC files, so supporting the current version is the only sensible option (EA have been doing this for years. You have always had to have the latest patch for Store content to work).

There's more bad news too I'm afraid. Our "fix it all tool" will not work on Macs, and it's unlikely that we will be able to produce a tool that will, sorry! (yet more screams). Fixed sims3packs can be downloaded from the site and these will work on your Mac. You could also copy your Sims3pack files to a PC and fix them all to drop back on your Mac, so there are ways to fix your game, but not as quick and easy I'm afraid.

The moan...

It's a great shame that EA did not consult or warn the custom content communities before releasing these changes, but they didn't, so all we can do is pull together to fix the mess. We at TSR have done our bit. We fixed our content, we will give you a tool to fix your content and hopefully other sites will use it to fix and update theirs. This will go down in the annals of Sims history as one of those ****-up's that broke everyone's games. I don't suppose it will be the last either!

We will keep you posted on progress.
The TSR Team

Our considerations

Thanking the TSR team for their hard job, we'd like to share our thoughts with you. The incompatibility between CC and the new EP (and consequentially the new patch) is nothing new and unforeseeable. We did expected that (we even mentioned it in our Pets preview). Unfortunately, the same thing happened with The Sims 2 Pets and other EPs, and those, like us, who spent time and energy creating tons of different file versions, definitely expected it.

As for the compatibility with the latest patch, we don't find it so bad: it could have been worst! And if we consider how many improvements and new features updates bring, we can only be positive!
Last Updated on Friday, 18 November 2011 16:05