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The sixth webisode dedicated to the Create a Style PDF Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 08 May 2009 00:00
Here's the sixth webisode dedicated to The Sims 3, with Italian subs. This time the topic is creating a style and customizing furniture and other stuff. You can find the video in our Multimedia area.

This is Community Manager Eden's comment:

Webisode #6 is focused on furnishing and all the tools we can use to customize and decorate the game. In The Sims 3 we can customize nearly everything, choosing among several different patterns. The style of an object can eventually be applied on other pieces of furniture, creating coordinated sets.

Objects can be placed freely, and we can also place an end table in the middle of a tile, rotate it 45┬░ and put on it many items.
Producer Lindsay Pearson also talks about cellphones, that allows us to take picture we can display at home or use as bases for paintings.
There are many more interactions that a Sims has with every object, and there are also several hidden surprises. We only have to wait until June 5th to find them all..

The video is also available at

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