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Webpisode nr. 5 dedicated to the creation of a Sim PDF Print
Written by CriCri Saturday, 25 April 2009 21:00

Here we are with the 5th Sims 3 Webisode, with Italian subs as usual. Today's topics are Sims and the open neighborhood, with a couple of news about those lots we can't visit. You can find the video in our Multimedia section, here.

This is Italian Community Manager Eden's opinion:

Today's Webisode is dedicated to the creation of a Sim. With the Create a Sim tool you can create Sims of every kind, that look like real persons or fictional characters. If we want to do it quickly, we can choose among several default elements. If we want to define every detail, the game provides us with many sliders to customize every single part of our character.

Sims' facial expressions and animations are so advanced that we can understand what they're thinking in every moment. As for clothing, we can mix together accessories and different parts, shoes included. The perfect look it's up to us, and we can also change fabrics and colors.

Traits complete the picture, making our Sim truly realistic and provided with a unique personality that evolves throughout his/her life and that we can discover only after playing!

As usual, the video is also available on the official website

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