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Webpisode nr. 4 dedicated to fansites and communities PDF Print
Written by CriCri Thursday, 09 April 2009 09:00
Here's the fourth Webisode dedicated to The Sims 3, with Italian subs. The topic of the conversation is Sims and the open neighborhood, with a couple of considerations about those lots we can can find the video in our Multimedia area, here.

This is what Italian Community Manager Eden said about the video:

In today's webisode, called "Sims go everywhere", Rod Humble explains how Sims have gotten out of their hamster cages, and how they are free to explore a new, seamless world.
We can't visit special buildings, such as the City Hall, schools and hospitals, but we can watch the life of the whole town and its evolution, as we've never done before.
While we play with a family, we can see other Sims' lives, since everybody grows up together and can be seen while they're outside, doing their everyday routine.

Are you ready to spy on the neighbors?

As usual, the video is available on the official website

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