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The Sims 3 Webpisode 2 - Players' fears about the game PDF Print
Written by CriCri Wednesday, 25 February 2009 13:38
The Sims 3 Webpisodes keep updating with a new video about players' fears about the next chapter of the Sims saga.

Thanks to Eden, The Sims Community Manager for Italy and webmaster of EdenStyle, we're showing you the new video, that you can find in our gallery and on the official Sims 3 website!

Link to the video:  Webpisode 2

Community Manager Eden about the video:

Today's Webpisode is dedicated to Sims 3 players' fears. Executive Producer Ben Bell answered to many doubts about the game, denying some "urban myths" that have spread on the Web in the last weeks.
The game does NOT require high specs, and works on common machines too. You won't have to spend a lot of money to buy a new computer: there are many chances that the game works on you actual computer! If you want further information about the game's requirement, check here:
Although The Sims 3 will have a richer gameplay, it doesn't mean that we have to face a complicate interface indeed. Everything we need is just one click away, very simple and easy.
The new open world, where all the Sims grow up together, should not scare us. I, for example, value that as a positive thing because it gives the game more realism. Although we can only use one family at a time, we'll be able to interact with all the other characters, that are given a unique AI. Let me tell you something more: as they said at the Creator's Camp, if you want more control over the neighborhood, you just have to freeze the autonomous evolution of the families you're not playing with, and change their lives' lenght.
This new chapter provides us with the best option of The Sims 2 and new interactions as well, such as bycicles. Humor is still a part of the game, enriched by the detailed and complex personalities of the Sims, that will allow us to create every story we want. Fun and news are always around the corner in The Sims 3!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 February 2009 23:36