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SimsNetwork reviews The Sims 3 Pets PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Sunday, 21 August 2011 20:06
ts3_pets_logo_ENG_smallSimsNetwork has published their review of The Sims 3 Pets after GamesCom. Have a look, as it's a really interesting read!


Obviously, since this is a pets expansion, there will be some animal loving traits for our Sims! A few examples of some of the new traits for Sims are dog lover, cat lover, horse lover, animal lover. And these special traits unlock social interaction when talking to other Sims. So your animal lover Sims can chat about animals with other Sims. There isn't an animal hater trait. Graham was very clear in this. Animals are innocent creatures, of course. And there will certainly not be something like animal abuse in the game, well there is neglecting the animals. If your pets do not take proper care of their pets, the social worker will come and take the animals away.

The new town in The Sims 3 Pets for PC is called Appaloosa Plains, I hope I spelled it correctly. It is a mid-western ranching style community neighborhood. And it's the perfect place for Sims with horses. Of course other pets will also love this place! The town also has a cat shaped lake/pond and a dog bone shaped pool. All pets love drinking water out of lakes, but only dogs can swim in the water. Pets can travel with other Sims or just on their own. Some pets can hop along in the taxi but it makes perfect sense this doesn't go for horses. You can however go places riding your horse and your Sim can also go for a walk with the dog. The new town has a lot of fresh content and there is lots to discover.

Usually each expansion pack in the Sims series has a special creature. In this expansion pack, it's the unicorn! Unicorns are magical, in case you didn't already know. The unicorn Graham showed us, was located at the edge of town. It looked all angelic and sweet at first. So sweet it instantly reminded me of the cuteness of My Little Pony, especially because of all the stars and hearts on the body. That was the good side of the unicorn. Good side lol. That side of the unicorn was colored bright white. Then Graham turned the camera around and the unicorn was devilish black, with red flames on its body and everything. That side of the unicorn was also a bit evil. The unicorn had a bit of an attitude! When the unicorn started to run, you could see a rainbow trail surrounded with sparkles. It's Nyan Unicorn! 

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Last Updated on Thursday, 25 August 2011 14:12