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The Sims 3 Pets GamesCom preview: all info PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Thursday, 18 August 2011 14:42
214_gamescom_Logo_cmyk As we all know, GamesCom is taking place in Cologne, Germany, and yesterday, EA showed The Sims 3 Pets (both for PC/Mac and console). A lot of information and pictures have been published during the last 24 hours, and probably even more will be released until Sunday. We have decided to create this articles in order to sum up the most interesting details and will keep updating if and when necessary.

Our sources are: SimFansSimTimesSimProgramsInfiniteSimsSimsVIpSimGoodieSimCookie.

Update 1: GamesCom video by SimFans added!
Update 2:
New details about collections!
Update 3:
New details about the console version!
Update 4: New details from Twitter!
Update 5: new links,  pictures (Appaloosa Plans and buy mode) and some video added!
Update 6: new info and videos!
Update 7: new console information!
Update 8: new details about horses and unicorns!
Update 9: puppies and CAP!
Update 10:
new pictures from SimFans!
Update 11: new CAP video from SimFans!
Update 12: new video interview and pictures!
Update 13: new links added to interview, preview and pictures!
Update 14: Full SimFans preview (German only)


Full preview by SimFans

SimFans published their full preview of The Sims 3 Pets after GamesCom. You can find the article here (German only).

More pictures, previews and interviews

simfans 087New pictures

SimFans interview to Graham Nardone and Aaron Conners

EA France interview to producers

New CAP video by SimFans: cats and dogs

New pictures by SimFans

SimFans has published a new gallery of pictures about "minor" pets. You can find it here!

Puppies and CAP

  • It is NOT true that Pets will only have one baby.
  • Puppies and kittens have stumpy legs… They do need some help from Sims getting up and down stairs. Horses don’t use the stairs at all – they’re much better off staying outside and in their new barns
  • Pets can have different tails.
  • You an adjust neck with slider. Has many different sliders for ears, back, and belly. Voice level can be adjusted to be quieter or louder.

Horses and unicorns

  • Horses can Train themselves,  but it’s much better when a Sim is helping train them!
  • You can build a barn in any shape or size you please – in most situations though, each horse will need their own box stall to live in.
  • Horses can have braided tails.
  • Unicorns can teleport around the world, not just run/walk like a horse.
  • Unicorns can breed but not with normal horses. Must be another unicorn.
  • Unicorns can light fires – horn turns orange.

New console details

  • There is a whole new, unique neighborhood in The Sims 3 Pets on consoles and it's called Sugarmaple Coasts. It has supernatural elements, graveyards and a lot of mystery in it.
  • Apparently pets will be able to stick around for a few more days after they have died, as pet ghosts! And just so you know, pets in the consoles games can only die of old age. If Sims use the karma power called Divine Intervention they can bring back a beloved pet who has recently died. But you have only got a few days to bring them back.Some other karma powers that have been mentioned, some of these are positive, some are negative, are Cast Curse, Feral Possession and Meteor Strike.
  • In the version for Xbox you can use Kinect, so you can give commands with your voice, to control the Sims and pets, and basically use the basic UI navigation with your voice.

New details from Twitter

  • There is a Advanced Mode for the Create a Pet mode
  • You can play with a laser pointer for playing with cats
  • The unicorns are bright and shining.
  • You can add unicorns on your households.
  • Sims up to teenagers can riding with horses
  • The pets only die by old age.
  • Pets dont have lifetime wishes
  • No new careers for Sims.
  • You can buy pets in several ways. But not at the pet shop which is included in the deluxe version. It’s just for buying accessories.
  • There is wildlife like raccoons and deers in the game, but you can’t add them to your households.
  • Cats do not learn tricks, but dogs do. Cats can learn to hunt.
  • Pets have a different route of transport and do not go into a Sim’s vehicle.
  • Traits for pets can be encouraged and discouraged
  • New lifetime wishes for sims concerning pets, not for pets themselves. They do have memories though
  • You can customize the Unicorn
  • Pets (dogs) traits: adventurous, aggressive, pig, friendly, genius, hyperactive, hunter, noisy, neat, calm, loves swimming, shy, snob, loyal, independent, playful, afraid of water, destructive, easily afraid

Details about the console version

  • You can play on 3DS without a SIM just with pets
  • You can change sims into pets and vice versa with karma powers
  • Pets can trap ghosts and catch spirits
  • Even ghosts can play with pets
  • Now showing tricks such as play deadIf pets die there are pets ghosts, and you can take them back to life with karma powers
  • Pets function like normal sims. So they’re fully controllable

Console Gameplay


(dovete inserire come data di nascita 1-1-1990 e il video dovrebbe funzionare)

Nintendo 3DS


SimFans announced that Pets will bring back collections. With the game or its pre-release patch, you will be able to create your own buymode collections, choosing an icon and a name for each folder!

Appaloosa Plains

As announced yesterday, the new neighborhood introduced with The Sims 3 Pets will be called Appaloosa Plains and it's a country/ranch-styled place surrounded by mountains and a river. It's quite different from what we are used to, and we're curious to see it ourselves!
Due to this new style, every community lot was created from scratch (as it happened for Riverview): school, hospital, theater, city hall etc., as well as the new pet-related venues. SimFans has published a great gallery of pictures (about 20) of some of the new town's features, pet tombstones included. You can find them here.
Also has published some new screenshots of Appaloosa Plains, they are 23 and you can watch them here >>.

Immagini: SimsFans - SimsExchange - ISims


Good news about Pets has been announced by SimTimes: the household limit has been increased to 10 member per unit, with a maximum of 8 Sims and 6 pets. This means that as long as you don't exceed this limit, you can create the household you like (4 Sims + 6 pets, 8 Sims + 2 pets, 5 Sims + 5 pets and so on). Of course, this applies only to playable pets (cats, dogs, horses): you can have as many non-controllable pets (rodents, turtles, etc) as you can handle! In this regard, here's a couple of turtle screenshots:


Pet's tombstone:

Some other screens:
As for the pet customization, here's some CAP screenshots for PC/Mac and a couple for Nintendo3DS.
other pets screens - while they play - SimFans (second, third and fourth row) >>
Other small animals: SimFans (from fourth row) >>
We can also see a bird type, a falcon, thanks to SimsFans (yes, there will be a falcon in this EP, not only on Medievall Wink)

Some screens taken from the live chat: Infinite Sims >>

New objects

Pictures: SimsFans (bottom page, you also watch a gnomes' screenshoot) - SimsFans 2
As we told on a previus article, there will be a new food truck, this time is an icecream truck. It looks similar to the Late Night's food truck, but we need to "grab" the picture to SimFans... watch the icecream on the Sim hand!! It's freezer bunny!!


Gameplay video


Crea un animale - Cavalli

- Create an horse

(bad quality)

EA Stand, presentations and interview

EA Stand pictures:

Video: SimFans interviews sims 3 producers

Interview to Aaron Conners

Intervista ad Aaron Conners

Goodies bag (SimsNieuws):


As for now, it's all folks! We'll update with any new details asap!
Last Updated on Thursday, 25 August 2011 14:32