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The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24 - Pets PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 31 July 2011 00:00
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The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24
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The text of this page is our interpretation of the game's database. The Sims 3 Pets is still under development and this information must be considered as unofficial where not otherwise indicated. The features listed may be not included in the final game and should not be considered as the complete list of the game's interactions.

In order to make things clearer and avoid misunderstandings as much as possible, we have highlighed each piece of information as follows:
moodlet_impressedofficial and confirmed info
moodlet_stirCrazyinfo partially taken from producers' tweets
moodlet_disappointeddoubtful and unclear info
In order to adopt a pet, you have to use the computer, phone or newspaper. Remember that pets are not toys, and if you don't take care of them properly, the social service will come and take all the pets in your lot!


moodlet_impressedList of cats' motives:
  • Bladder
  • Energy
  • Fun
  • Hunger
  • Social
  • Scratch 
Cats and dogs have a new skill: hunting. Like collectibles, there are four types of preys your pet can hunt: common, uncommon, rare, extraordinarly unusual. Preys a pet can hunt are birds, snakes, rodents, lizards, turtles, fishes and beetles.

This skill seems to be divided into levels, but it's not clear their order and some are kinda repeated:
  • Creeping And Crawling:  Congratulations {0.SimName} is now a expert at all things that creep and crawl.  As a reward {0.SimName} has a higher chance of catching and finding rarer beetles. 
  • A Creepying And Crawling expert has caught {0.Number} Beetles.  As a reward, the chance of catching and finding rarer Beetles is increased.
  • Fishing expert: Congratulations {0.SimName} is now a Fishing expert.  As a reward {0.SimName} chance of catching rarer fish has increased.
  • Feline Fisher: A Feline Fisher has caught {0.Number} Fish.  As a reward the chance of catching rarer fish is increased
  • Congratulations. {0.SimName} is now a master at stalking prey.  As a reward it will now take {0.SimName} less time to find prey when stalking for prey.
  • Homing Whiskers: Cats with Homing Whiskers have caught at least {0.Number} rare prey.  As a reward the amount of time it takes to find prey is decreased.
  • Slithery creatures : Congratulations. {0.SimName} is now an expert of slithery creatures.  As a reward {0.SimName} will always succesfully catch snakes, lizards, and turtles.
  • Slither Stalker: A Slither Stalker has caught {0.Number} reptiles.  As a reward lizards, snakes, and turtles will always succesfully be caught. 
Cats have their own bowls where to eat, but in the code is mentioned a certain "gourmet meal".


moodlet_impressedList of dogs' motives:
  • Bladder
  • Energy
  • Fun
  • Hunger
  • Social
  • Destruction
Dogs have two special skills, hunting and tricks learning:
  • Sit
  • Sit up
  • Shake
  • Roll over
  • Talk
  • Play dead


moodlet_impressedList of horses' motives:
  • Bladder
  • Energy
  • Hunger
  • Social
  • Thirst
  • Exercise
Horses have two special abilities: jumping and racing, that you can even use to compete at the equestrian center.
This skill is divided into levels, among which we can find:
  • Becoming a skilled jumper will take a lot of practice on different jumping obstacles and courses, but with dedication and the right rider {0.SimFirstName} could become an equestrian legend!
  • ... may now enter Advanced Show Jumping and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider). … will now feel especially satisfied after a perfect jump.  
  •  … may now enter International Show Jumping and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider).
Among the levels that make up this skill there are:
  • the need for speed! keeps galloping to and fro, follows a race training routine, and finds a good jockey, {MA.he}{FA.she} could join the storied ranks of the greatest racehorses of all time!
  • ... gallop is now blazingly fast. Who needs a car when you have this horse?
  • ... may now enter Advanced Racing and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider)
  • .... gallop is faster than ever!
  • … will now feel especially satisfied after a good race training session
  • .… may now enter International Racing and Cross-Country competitions at the Equestrian Center (with a qualified rider).
Horses eat carrots and harvestables! Also, in the code is often mentioned hay, so we guess their favorite meail will be hay.
Due to horse competition, there is the new Riding ability for Sims:
  • It takes more than a rear end to sit in the saddle, but after a little riding time with a patient four-legged partner, {0.SimFirstName} will soon be blazing trails, leaping gates, and training Horses like a pro.
  • ... may now Whisper To Horses to earn their trust.
  • .. may now Gallop while riding, use Race Training Posts, and enter Equestrian Center Racing competitions.
Horse competition
Horses can enter jumping and racing competitions at the Equestrian Center. To do so, your jockey must register your horse to the competition: "It's time to saddle up and buckle down! Entering a Jumping Competition is something you've been preparing for quite some time now. Time to show that all of your hard work and training weren't for nothing! Doing well here will guarantee you and your owner Simoleans, Media Exposure, and possibly crazed Equestrian Racing Groupies! Your Horse wishes to Enter a Jumping Competition".

According to your skill level, your can enter different levels of competitions: beginner, advanced and international.
In the db there are more than 100 competitions, many of which are named after known game characters, like Crumplebottom Horse Show, Landgraab Cup, Bridgeport Derby, and producers (Nardone Horse Show, Vaughan Cup) and many many others. 

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