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The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24 - New items PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 31 July 2011 00:00
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The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24
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New items

The text of this page is our interpretation of the game's database. The Sims 3 Pets is still under development and this information must be considered as unofficial where not otherwise indicated. The features listed may be not included in the final game and should not be considered as the complete list of the game's interactions.

In order to make things clearer and avoid misunderstandings as much as possible, we have highlighed each piece of information as follows:

moodlet_impressedofficial and confirmed info

moodlet_stirCrazyinfo partially taken from producers' tweets

moodlet_disappointeddoubtful and unclear info

Pet-related items

Three hitching posts:
  • Natural Rustic Hitching Post: Worried that your horse might stray? Never fear! The Natural Rustic Hitching Post is here to help you keep track of your equine companions. Endowed with fresh water and abundant sweet hay, horses will enjoy a relaxing respite while tethered to this sturdy hitching post.
  • Iron Hooves Hitching Post: Modern and refined, this stout hitching post provides horses with cool water and fresh hay in an elegant environment suitable for the most fashionable estates and stables. High quality crafting and a burnished polish makes this the top tier in hitching posts.
  • Western Hitching Post: Add a touch of western flair to your ranchero with this simple, sturdy hitching post. Horses will feel refreshed after they partake of the crisp water and fragrant hay. Cowboys and cowgirls will feel relaxed knowing their precious mounts are not going to wander off.

There should be a new cat litter, filled with biodegradable stuff: Pretty Kitty Litter Box: Cats prefer to potty indoors! Filled with biodegradable litter and easy to clean the Pretty Kitty Litter Box is a must for any home with feline inhabitants. If the litter box gets too dirty your cat may decide to go potty elsewhere, so be sure to keep it clean!

The database also contains sad text.. here's a few messages you can find on a pet's tombstone:
  • Dearly Departed Fluffy: Here lies Fluffy.   
  • Dearly Departed Fido: Here lies Fido.   
  • tombstoneHorse: This horse has gone to graze in the meadows of heaven. 

  • moodlet_disappointedIn the code there is also a mention to a swank pet bed, but it's still unclear if it's a buyable item or a reward for pets.

    Items for Sims

    • Vending machines for candies, drinks and healthy food
    • Ice-cream truck

    moodlet_disappointedThere are also new candies, but it's unclear if these are for Pets or Sims..
      • Fudge Pop: Fudge is like chocolate, only better!
      • Freezer Bunny Dessert: He has bubblegum eyes!<
      • Carrot 

    moodlet_disappointedIt also looks like there will be three new roof colors.

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