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The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24 PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 31 July 2011 00:00
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The Sims 3 Pets: fatures taken from patch 1.24
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A few days ago, we published a list of alleged features of The Sims 3 Pets, taken from The Sims 3's codes updated to patch 1.24. As promised, we have checked out the 4500+ strings of text - really a lot! Before giving our point of view, we'd like to explain you how to take this information and why we are publishing it.

You know, we usually wait for official announcements and when something unconfirmed comes out, we label it as a "rumor". In this case, it's about information taken from the game code and available to everyone has updated the game to patch 1.24. So you may ask, why are these files about The Sims 3 Pets available in the base game's code?

With every expansion or stuff pack, othere than new folders with contents, some parts of the code are inserted in the base game's files. The updates released with the new system act exactly this way.

Now, with this patch, the STBL resource that contains the game's text strings was updated with many strings about Pets. Why did they left them? We honestly don't know.

It's clear that these codes are still in development - many of them are incomplete, others look definitive. These codes are available only in the English STBL and aren't localized in other languages.
Anyway, some features are known and were published in previous articles, taken from some previews or tweeted by producers. Some others are completely new, so keep in mind that you may not find them in the final game or developed differently than stated here. However, this is just a small part of the whole game, and it's not a final and complete list of all the features of The Sims 3 Pets.

Please note: the code includes every piece of text like object descriptions, moodlets etc., listing them without referring to any category. Everytime a new EP is released, we look at these files, and basing on our knowledge we have tried to divide these Pets files into categories (interactions, moodlets, wishes, etc.). However, as we haven't played the game, we can only try to figure out their meaning, and this wouldn't be a guarantee even if we had the final game's database.

In order to make things clearer and avoid misunderstandings as much as possible, we have highlighed each piece of information as follows:

moodlet_impressedofficial and confirmed info

moodlet_stirCrazyinfo partially taken from producers' tweets

moodlet_disappointeddoubtful and unclear info

modsIf you want to try on your own and take a look at these files, you only have to use S3Pe and open the file called DeltaBuild0.package that you can find in Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\Packages\ - Of course, after installing update 1.24!


  guestbook This article is written with the support of SimsVip. We would really thanks SimsVip for the night passed together in order to get the best interpretation of the game code

Last Updated on Thursday, 04 August 2011 23:38