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Written by CriCri Wednesday, 20 July 2011 16:29
ts3_ep5_render_06Italian site Everyeye has just released their The Sims 3 Pets hands on, based on the EA Summer Showcase. You can read it here or you can find a translation below!

During EA Summer Showcase, much importance was given to the new titles of the Sims saga. We're talking about two expansion packs, dedicated to the standard version of the well-known life simulator and the more "exotic" Medieval version.
Let's start from the add-on that Sims players are more interested about: The Sims 3 Pets, that from October will increase the fun and customization options for all the owners of the game. To understand a little bit more the importance of this expansion and the attention that the developers team paid to every detail, just know that the same game for the second chapter of the game was the top selling one, with a ridiculously high number of copies sold. Well, what would be our lives like without pets?

Become the animal

The Sims 3 Pets is not just a bunch of items. Sure, this new pack will provide players with a phletora of new objects and furniture, as well as a new town where to create new lots. But the main focus of this expansion is that for the first time ever, players will be able to fully control their pets.
There are three pets you can directly play: dogs (a Sim's best friend), cats (sly and elegant) and horses (for the first time ever). For them, we'll find an editor in The Sims 3 Pets as well. Starting from the pre-made breeds for each pet (we chose a cute Border Collie), you can customize the look of your puppy, editing every detail of the body, hair (color and stains included) and muzzle. The ear shape, the tail length, even the shape of the nose: you can recreate your own pet, with a little patience. The creation process also requires you to choose three traits, that will influence the behavior of your animals with other pets and people. Even in this case, there's a lot you can choose from: you can make aggressive or super sweet kitties, protective or bungles (but be careful when you leave them alone at home).
Once you've made the pet of your dreams, you can let him wander around, remembering to check his needs. You'll have to make him play, feed him and take him out for a walk, so that he can "socialize". Every once in a while, you'll have to let him dig in the yard or chew your furnishing.
But the most interesting feature of The Sims 3 Pets is that you can take control over your pet and experience some weird adventure through his eyes. In this case, the new neighborhood introduced with the game (a quiet countryside town with meadows and woods to explore) will give you a lot of opportunities.
Needless to say how much this expansion allows you to play with your fantasy: it's perfect to create your stories, giving new life to your family's routine. You can, for example, play with your kitty and enjoy exploring the darkest corners of your home (who knows what's hiding under the bed). Or you can jump over an object and make some mess (say, eating the meal someone's forgotten on the table just to see your owner's reaction). In your dog's shoes (or hairs?) you can look for a mate, maybe to find out if your offspring will take their mother's short hair of their dad's long and fuzzy.
The care and attention for the details is amazing: the animation and behavior of pets are really lifelike, and those who are used to live with a pet will smile when scolding your dog because he's messing around with your cat's litter. The introduction of horses is really interesting. The relationship with his owner is fundamental for this animal: your Sim will have to ride him often, take care of him, maybe going to the Equestrian Center to train him in riding or hurdle jumping. You can also compete in official tournaments, when you reach a certain skill level.


The Sims 3 Pets also features a series of pets that aren't less interactive of the three mentioned above. You will find pretty much everything: snakes to raise in a warmed case, turtles, birds and parrots of any kind and also bugs. The developers team didn't reveal too much, but they have ensured there will be a lot of animals to take care of.
Also, as usual, there is a bunch of items to use to decor your homes. Baskets, artificial pools, litters and blankets for you kitties. The option for customizing your game are going to increase, thanks to one of the richest expansion of all.

Final thoughts

The Sims 3 Pets is the most complete and interesting expansion pack ever. It's almost a game within the game, as you can control your pets and create them choosing details and personality. The enthusiasts will find it a must-have: an add-on that allows you to increase your fun and create different stories sharing your house with a pet. Animals from The Sims 3 Pets are so cute because they resemble real pets in their behavior and personality, and have that unique style that characterizes EA's production. Those who like to play with their fantasy will be able to create new stories and adventure to share with the Sims community.