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Short review of The Sims 3 Pets by PDF Print
Written by Paperpin Sunday, 10 July 2011 21:21
Italian site has published a short review about The Sims 3 Pets, played during E3. There is nothing really new, but we appreciate an article in our mothertongue!

It was inevitable, only a matter of time: here they are! Finally, puppies are ready to be the guest stars of The Sims 3. Shown at E3 2011, The Sims 3 Pets is the Sims' world through the eyes of a four-legged friend. The game, that will be released within the end of the current year, will be a stand-alone for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS and an expansion for PC/Mac. These are the technical data; on the entertainment side, you'll start with the usual design screen, but instead of creating a Sim, you will be able to give shape and color (and personality) to your virtual cat or dog, choosing the size, breed and color - just in case you want to create something different, if the 100+ breed of the game aren't enough for you.

Four-legged Sims

The main difference compared to the two previous edition of the EP (the ones for the two previous chapters of The Sims) is the fact that now you can have full control over your pet; they aren't just good companions for your families, but true Sims on four legs, that can make friends with other animals as well as Sims, other than competing to be the king of the park or the hero of the town, chasing thieves. Also, all the features that usually concern a Sim (needs, socials, etc) have been translated for the pets. Of course, these will change according to their life stage, as there are differents ages for pets too: puppy, adult and elder.
Other than fulfilling needs and aspirations for these very motivated virtual pets, you can wander around the town trying to solve issues and mysteries. For example, gettings two hopeless Sims to fall in love: can you remember the beginning of 101 Dalmatians? Well, with The Sims 3 Pets the same scene happens in a bar between two nerd people, forced to meet by their pets. You can get these "quests" in a special journal, that will count your game progress.

Voice and horses

One of the most interesting features is for the Xbox 360, as you can use the voice control of Kinect. In this mode, you can scroll through the menus and give orders with your voice, as if they were real life puppies (strangely, EA pets learn things faster...), creating a series of moves and attitudes that will help to interact with the surrounding places and creatures. It will be your pet's job to take care of his owner's mood..
The lack of voice control on PC and Mac is balanced out with the introduction of horses, highly required by the community of fans. Being an expansion pack, it will allow them to use their pre-existing saves and continue the game experience they got so far. There is no information about the unique features for PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS, even though the developers team has stated they want to make each version peculiar.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 July 2011 09:49