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Written by CriCri Wednesday, 13 April 2011 21:59
phoca_thumb_m_ts3_ep4_artwork_boygirlSimway took part at the event in Munich (Germany) yesterday. Today they have published a short article with some Generations features (waiting for a full report). So, since the article is in German, here we attempt an english translation helped by Google (some things are already known by the way... )

Immaginary friends

  • There is just a kind of imaginary friend and it is a mix of puppet and robot. The only variable is the the color of imaginary friends.

  • Only one Sim who has an imaginary friend can see it too. If you switch another Sims, the imaginary friend become invisible.

  • Imaginary friends can be transformed into real Sims.

  • With the imaginary friend, almost all interactions are carried out.

There is a new Community lot called "The Playground": it is a small park with many recreational items for children, such as slide, climbing Tower, Sandbox, Seesaw, etc.

Pushchairs: are usable and you can use them to transport a kid from A to B.

Tree Houses: Children can play and interact with sims below by pouring water on them, as well as struggle against pirates

Bunk beds: There are bunk beds with 1 or two beds.  With 1 bed, you can place objects underneath them like sofas or desks.  With both beds, they can be used by up to two sims.

Pranks: Sims can, for example, manipulate the sink, so the roommates get when using an ordinary fountain water into his face. Neighbors can call the police if they play tricks on young people. Parents punish the young people if they do not behave correctly.


  • There is now a water ride for the Sims (it is showed on the Generation Trailer). You don't need to place it near a pool and it can be used by the whole family.

  • Sims can tell each other scary stories. Some Sims get them nightmares and wake up at night.

  • The wedding arch back. In addition, Sims can together cut the wedding cake

  • Sims can have again Dates

  • Thanks to a video camera for the Sims can now make videos yourself and watch them on television at home.
  • Sims can play pillowfight (this feature come to TheSims3 official twitter)
Last Updated on Friday, 15 April 2011 16:03