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Written by Paperpin Thursday, 07 April 2011 10:30 has published a short article about Generations, from which we have taken a few extracts about kids.

[...] Children and teenagers can play pranks on strangers, neighbors, and even other family members. A young kid can do something as simple as call his big sister over to his boys-only treehouse (another new feature) and then dump water on her unsuspecting head. That same sister, though, can later mess with the kitchen sink faucet so it sprays all over her dad, or go to the old flaming-bag-of-poop standby at a neighbor’s doorstep.

Another cool little quirk is the imaginary friend for a young child. Little Timmy can play with his buddy, who can be dressed up in all kinds of costumes, and you can issue suggestions to the imaginary friend as long as you’re looking at them through the kid. Click over to another Sim, however, and the friend disappears, while little Timmy just looks like he’s playing on the see-saw all by himself.

Also, in our image gallery there are new pictures taken from the game's cover! (Thanks SimsDomination and SimCookie)
Last Updated on Sunday, 10 April 2011 14:06