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Written by Paperpin Sunday, 24 October 2010 21:34
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Waiting for Late Night, here's some information...
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...from PrimaGames' guide!

Those who read the official board on, know that there's a user (Rosierealea) that has already received her copy of PrimaGames' Late Night guide, and posted a few messages about the EP. Many of the things said there, have already been reported in our coverage of the event in Milan, but there are many new details that we'd like to share with you while waiting for the game to be released this week.

Astrological signs

The first new thing I see is about Astrological signs. They don't affect personality, but they give sims a flirty new "What's your sign?" interaction, and give a bit of a relationship boost if the signs are compatible. Each sign is compatible with 4 others, so a Pisces like me would get a boost with Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn and Taurus.


There will now be multiple parties thrown every week by citizens. As you increase your celebrity status, you will receive more invitations. You canb aslo try to crash the parties that you weren't invited to. Sims with the Party Animal trait are never denied entry to a party, so they can crash any one they want. The map will show you any active parites.

There aren't many new socials, and they only focus on a few topics: 
  • Ask to join, quit, kick out of band
  • Offer/thank for free drink
  • Ask Butler for advice, for massage, to cook
  • Dismiss or fire butler
  • Slow dance
  • Town tour
  • Vampire drink, offer to turn, ask to turn
  • Celeb interactions (impress, name drop, ask for autograph, etc)


There are more than 60 drinks you can learn to mix. At least half of them are Mood Drinks, which give the drinker a certain Moodlet. The types are: 
  • Party Drinks - improves theoverall score of the party
  • Romantic Drinks - more receptive to romantic socials
  • Skill-Gain Drinks - inreases skill-building rate
  • Negative Moodlet Removal Drinks - temporarily gives the Wash Away the Worry Moodlet, but only while they are actively drinking it
  • Energy Drinks - gives the Wide Awake moodlet, the same effect as taking a nap
  • Crazy Drinks - makes them act silly with the Going Wild moodlet


Vampires are rare. They don't hang out in the open, so you must look for them in the classier bars. Once you build a relationship withone of them, they may turn you into one if you ask, but they won't do it in public. They will suggest a remote location to you for the transformation. Once changed, the bite marks lasts several days. Your Sim feels crappy for a couple of days until the transformation is complete. 
You can't turn other "special" sims into vampires, such as ghosts, robots, mummies. But a dead vampire can be ressurected to a playable ghost. Vampire ghosts are dark crimson.
They have special skills, such as the ability to run fast, they build skills nearly twice as fast at night, they rarely lose physical fights, they complete homework nearly twice as fast, and they can make sims romantically think about the vampire. Romantic socials from a vampire are successful more than 90% of the time. They age much slower than other sims. 

Eating foods with garlic will now give sims a Garlic Breath moodlet. If a vampire eats garlic or drinks from a sim with garlic breath, they will pass out. They cannot drink from robots, ghosts, mummies, children, or pregnant sims. 


The butler lives with you, so you'll need a seperate bedroom for him. He costs 1200§ per week, and has level 10 cooking and handiness, and makes beverages and gives massages. It looks like there will be two kinds of butlers, or at least there are two wishes related to them:
  • Hire a Butler - Hiring another Sim to tidy up the house and watch after the children is a nice perk. Your Sim wants to hire a butler. 
  • Hire an Executive Butler - Living in the lap of luxury includes having another Sim to wait on your Sim hand and foot. Your Sim wants to Hire an Executive Butler to manage his household. 

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