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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete) - Something more, gossip and conclusions PDF Print
Written by CriCri Sunday, 12 September 2010 19:16
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Italian preview of The Sims 3 Late Night (complete)
New things in the CAS
Bridgeport, apartments and clubs
Careers, abilities, bands and groups
Something more, gossip and conclusions
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icon_boardOther additions

Sure we have seen just a little of this new EP. For example a new addition is a new water reflection. You can find a new setting on graphic settings, and Melanie hightlined how the water reflection improve with this new function and really appear more realistic.

icon_8Gossip & Conclusions

Of course, we should really thank EA Italy for this event and for invite us. We thank producer too for their patience with us.
This expansion seems more interesting than it might seem initially, and it offers some possibilities for those who prefer to play without following the opportunities and complete them. It increases the interactions of everyday life for every sim, allowing them to spend an evening out with friends, have a drink, playing in clubs etc.. If Ambitions added new professions, Late Night thinks to round out your SIM from your daily routine. Vampires are only one side of the game, which certainly offers many interesting options, but those who do not want in your game can safely ignore them and not make friends with them in practice will not interfere with your game.
The skyscrapers and apartments add an urban style to your neighborhoods, and make The Sims 3 more real.
Some people are waiting for "the weather come back". There isn't weather in this EP, but we asked about Melanie and her response was very positive at least in our opinion. She said that they wanted to include the weather in this expansion, but they postponed its inclusion to make a great weather not only a marginal function in an EP with a lot of stuff. So, can we think that weather/seasons will be the theme of the next expansion?
We asked for a sim-surgery too. We also asked to Grant in May, but now Melanie told us that they wanted include this feature in Late Night, but they haven't enough time. So we can hope to get a surgery tool in the next expansion... 
Another function that us really miss is the collections in buy mode. Melanie agrees with us about its utility, but she don't talk about its implementation in The Sims 3...

What can we say now? Before this event we thought to know all about this expansion, now we have a lot of questions and of things we would like to try in the game! We should wait until the end of October for the release of Late Night and satisfy our doubts by playing for hours!

Finally we at the end of our report, we leave you with a group photo with Melanie! You can find all pictures in our Late Night preview gallery and you can find some additional photos on Facebook page!


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