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Written by CriCri Tuesday, 24 August 2010 19:13
Some other reports today about The Sims 3 Late Night preview at the Gamescom! Here we report a summary of features not already revealed from other articles. Consider that this article is written in English based on Dutch, German and French. We have give a mean to auto translators, but we don't know very well that languages, so we can do mistakes... in add, the game is still in development.

Gnome-Contact-New-64From: Simlicius
: it seems bigger, it's not so big. It has some bridges and next to them there are an hill, here you can find celebrities houses. All lots look so modern and all have a pool.

Bar-club: they have an open/closed time. When a bar close your sim come back to home if you don't tell him to go somewhere else. You can build your own clubs, as for tombs you need to place a specific object in order to set the access restrictions and the open/closed time. There are new dance animations and sim can dance on table/counter.

Hot-dogs: there will be a stand/chiosc that sell hotdogs near a parking [careful, this is the only site that talk about this detail and the translation from dutch is made with the help of auto-translator, so we cannot give this as sure]

Subways: it has about 8-10 stops, in the city.

Celebrities: people can ask photo or autograph to celebrities. Your VIP need to keep attention on their actions: paparazzi are always behind the door and they can publish your photos... or you can buy them. Be a celebrity mean also you could get some free stuff: for example you can obtain a limousine for free.

Music instruments: piano, drums, bass [Simlicius talk about keyboard too, but Grant on twitter didn't tell about it]

Aquarium: [we are not sure about this detail as for keyboard] It seems that there is an aquarium that work as a window and where fishes are "virtual" and they don't need food.

Hottubs: there are 3 type of them

Vampires: they learn skills faster. A vampire can go to Science Lab and ask a potion to come back a Sim.

Mixology: is the new skill. Drinks have different effects depending on their ingredients. Bartender isn't a really job, you can keep your job and work as bartender.

Gnome-Contact-New-64From: Simsway
What new vehicles will be there?
Actually, they didn't tell us very much, but there will be sedans.

Can Vampires marry?
Yes, and they can even have babies. If a both of them are vampires, their child will be 100% vampire. If one is a Sim and a vampire, it is only a 50% chance.

Gnome-Contact-New-64From: Sims3Marktplatz

It seems that aquarium it is 4/5 tiles large and fit all wall. The light can filter it, as a window. Also modular sofa seems to come back in the game.

Gnome-Contact-New-64From: DailySims
Different kind of clubs, also thematic clubs such as vampire, italian, sport...
All drinks are alchool free.
There is a celebrity level, from 1 up to 5 stars. You can set the level required when you build your own club.
You can only see the hall and the penthouse of each skyscraper, and you can have just an apartment on each skyscraper.


SimFans confirm that there are 4 music instruments and the aquarium that you could insert in walls.
In this article you can read that you could be a vampire on each life stage: also child-vampire [this is the contrary of what has reported, but is similar to the Grant chat on twitter]. Also, they confirm you can cure your sim from vampirism with a potion.
In add about penthouses they tell: Sometimes you could have more then one floor on a penthouse. It costs more then single floor penthouse.
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