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The Sims 3 Late Night: news from Gamescom PDF Print
Written by CriCri Friday, 20 August 2010 22:27
ts3_ep3_07_vampiresThanks to SimPrograms, that is always on the news, we have found some articles about The Sims 3 Late Night preview, from Gamescom. You can find original contents here:

Since we have already spoken about this expansion, coming at the end of October, we highline some facts we haven't told yet.
That is, The Sims 3 Late Night is about the night life, and who don't know? If you went on holidays and you miss some news, we suggest to give a look at our past articles too... btw it's time for news!
We summarize facts into 3 sections: the new town and clubs, interactions - relations and careers, and (at the end, yes) vampires.

So... continue to read!

The new town and clubs


  • Some different clubs: from smelly-looking bar to no-frills pub, and then rooftop club with pool that seems giant aquarium-style window facing the lounge.
  • In each bar you can find some activities: you can dance on the bar, try your hand at mixing your own drinks (you can even name your creations and save the recipe to make it again), pick fights, flirt and the like.
  • You can woohoo on hot tubs
  • Giant windows: you can place them on lower floor and create an aquarium effects behind swimpool.
  • You can create pool on each floor.
  • On bar you can find bubble machine [or oxigen bar, they sound similar to The Sims 2]. There are some flavours and colors and they influence sims moods. 
  • The new neighborhoods is called Bridgeport. It seems quite big, with landmark buildings and plenty of towering high-rises. Bridgeport is an island connected with bridges [and here the name...]
  • New foods: you can order and eat wings and nachos during happy hour.
  • There are some new visual effects such as snow, confetti and laser.
  • A red dot on the map will indicate which club is particularly happening that evening, so it's worth checking out what's hot that night to make the most of your evening. Another way to find out where the party is at is to gossip with your fellow sims or read the newspaper.
  • You can decorate high rise apartment building but not remodel completely (unless you enter a cheat)
  • The subway tunnels aren't explorable locations, but it's entirely possible that you'll see a notification about a bandit making off with a certain amount of your Simoleons once you duck into the entryway to the underground.
  • You can reach highest floor of skyscraper and penthouse by lift.
  • You can find arcades on bar in add to shuffleboards and dart boards

Interactions, relations and careers

  • Groups: You can add some friend to a group, and invite to go out all the group. Wherever you go, they'll go too, that is, unless you're in a group of three, and two of your sims start to get cozy, and then the third wheel will eventually leave in a huff.
  • When your sim start to learn mixology, he'll fumble around with the drinks and break a few glasses.
  • You can sell your own concoctions and drinks at supermarket
  • You can earn money by starting a band. You'll start off with playing gigs during the day, but once your band gets better, you'll be invited to play at better venues.
  • A new lifetimewish is to own a penthouse
  • There's a film career to pursue that allows you to branch off on different paths as an actor or a director. You'll earn different rewards at the end, such as a director's chair or your very own trailer where you can throw star tantrums.
  • You can use bar and make drinks at your home too.
  • You can call a butler by phone, it costs 1.200§/week.
  • You can pay off paparazzi.
  • You can play for tips in the subway phoca_thumb_l_ts3_ep3_render_05


  • Vampires not scary – these are totally the nice kind of vampires [insert sparkle joke]. They can't just attack any person they feel like when they need to feed. 
  • You can only bite your friends. If Sims are willing you can also offer to turn them into vampires as well instead of just biting them. Depending on the level of the relationship (for example if you're married to a vampire), you'll also see different, more intimately-styled animations for the bites.
  • Vampires can always eat some plasma fruit to quench his bloodthirst or buy plasma at hospital.
  • Vampire-human couples can have babies too, and it's up to chance whether the baby will come out a vampire or a human.
  • Vampires are VIP, they meet theirself at the club Plasma 501. To get into Plasma 501 you must befriend a fellow vamp or you'll be left waiting outside.
  • Vampires can read minds (find out other sims traits) along with being able to dash from one end of the neighborhood to the other with little effort.
  • They don't like sunlight, but they cannot die by sunlight. If your vampires go out during the day, they will start to smoke a bit and complain about the heat, their needs decrease faster, but they don't dead.
  • You need to befriend a vampires before ask him to turn you. There's no going back. [the deleted sentence was extracted from the preview on Gamespot, but Grant told on twitter chat that there is a potion to cure vampirism. Also, some dutch previews tell about a potion available on the Science Lab].
  • Vampires can view other Sims in a heat-seeking vision to find blood
  • There’s also a Thirst moodlet that’ll kill your vampire Sim if left unchecked, a plasma plant item that amounts to the vampire vegan option, and a Vampires Only bar location your vamp-inclined Sim can aspire to get into (perhaps by sweet-talking the bouncer).
We wait for other news!

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